Heroine Overview

"Aren'tcha gonna stay for brunch?"
~ Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom is one of the secondary characters in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is Applejack's younger sister.

She is voiced by Michelle Creber who also is singing voice of Sweetie Belle until 2013.


She is a yellow earth pony with a red mane and tail and a large pink bow on her head. Her color is originally both based on Sun Shimmer, a Generation 3 earth pony and Sunburst, a Generation 1 Mountain Boy Pony. The only notable difference is both her mane color and her eye color.


She has a thick Southern American accent like Applejack, but it tends to fade when she talks to someone she does not like or wants to prove herself to. Together with Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, she forms the Cutie Mark Crusaders so they can find their place in the world. Apple Bloom knows martial arts and is skilled at design and carpentry, as shown by the speed with which she renovates Applejack's old treehouse for the Crusaders' use.


In The Cutie Pox, Apple Bloom admits that her numerous cutie marks that she got over the course of the episode are all false and that she stole ingredients from Zecora to obtain her cutie mark, thanks to Seeds of Truth.

In the Season 5 episode Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Apple Bloom along with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo finally get their cutie marks when they learned their true talent: helping other ponies find their true talent.

However, in On Your Marks, she feels alone when she and the other Crusaders decide to pursue separate interests. Through a stage fright-stricken colt named Tender Taps, Apple Bloom and her friends pool their skills together and help him earn his cutie mark, and Apple Bloom realizes that by pursuing interests separate from her friends, she and the Crusaders can solve more cutie mark problems.


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