Profile art - Apple White III

Apple White is a heroine and villain from the cartoon series Ever After High. She is the daughter of Snow White.


Apple firmly believes that everyone has a destiny. She often pressures Raven to be bad, despite her resistance to it, however she can be nice sometimes. She has done evil things several times, once she was hypnotized into being bad, anothet time she tried to peer pressure Raven by taking Home Evilnomics and one time she let Raven's mom, the Queen, escape. She often pressures Raven also because Snow White tries to pressure Apple to do the same to Raven.


Apple has bright blue eyes and her mother's characteristic pale white skin and red lips, but lacks the ebony-black hair and instead sports blonde curls. A noteworthy material included in most of Apple's wear is lace and the color red, which symbolizes apples. She normally wears bright, metallic or simple colors. Though she needs to wear glasses, Apple usually doesn't.

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