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Aptom is a major antagonist turned major protagonist in the manga/anime, Guyver: Bioboosted Armor. He is former leader of the Lost Number and has the power to copy his enemies look and abilities. After being defeated by Sho in his first battle and some modifications by Dr. Barcas, Aptom now has the ability to absorb other Zoanoids and copy everything about them, along with their powers and appearance. He is also the rival of Sho Fukamachi.

In the OVA, he was voiced by Issei Futamata in the Japanese version, and by Gary Dubin in the English dubbed version. In the 2005 anime, he was voiced Tetsu Inada in the Japanese version, and by Robert Kraft in the English dubbed version.



Aptom and his colleagues Solum and Dyme were transformed into Zoanoids at some unspecified point in the past, but they did not become standardized members of the Chronos Corporation, instead becoming mutations with powers that could not be passed on or copied. As a result, they became members of the Lost Numbers, a group of special Zoanoids who were constantly experimented on and deployed in battles where their unique abilities would give them an advantage.

Aptom and his colleagues were sent to Japan to serve as Richard Guyot's personal bodyguards. They waited outside Makishima's house in case the Guyvers attacked. While they were waiting outside, they were sent inside to find Guyver III had infiltrated the mansion and attacked Guyot. Aptom and his oolleagues chased him away, and after the Zoanoids' recent failure to capture Sho Fukomachi's father, Aptom volunteered his unit to confront the Guyver. They pursued Guyver I and ambushed him, using Dyme's power to change the environment and Solum's molecular glue to trap him, while Aptom imitated the Guyver form to intimidate the Guyver host.

Sho was only able to kill Dyme and Solum thanks to a mysterious man named Masaki Murakami, leaving behind a wounded and enraged Aptom. While he was willing to die to avenge his comrades, Guyot telepathically ordered him to retreat because the Lost Numbers had distracted the Guyver long enough for the Chronos forces to capture the Sho's friends and family.

The injured Aptom would travel to Relic's Point, where he would be under the supervision of Dr. Hamilcar Balcus, who attempted to transform the Lost Number into the Ultimate Battle Creature capable of destroying the Guyvers. After the experiments were completed, Aptom was released to track the Guyver, but he needed a special headset to receive Zoalord instructions because the experimentation had made telepathic contact even more difficult for Aptom. He continued to watch the battles between the Guyvers and discovered that Sho had lost the ability to bio-boost because he refused to do so after killing his father, who had turned into the second Enzyme.

When Sho and Mizuki were separated from their friends and pursued by Zoanoids, Aptom decided to intervene by transforming into Guyver III and decapitating them. He then helped lead Sho and Mizuki into a cave, where Fukomachi discovered Guyver III was a fake due to not having a control medal. Aptom then revealed his true form and taken Mizuki hostage, threatening her life to force Sho to transform into the Guyver so he could get his revenge. He transformed into a copy of Enzyme II and use one of his spear-like limbs to stabbed Sho in the stomach. Sho eventually transformed and rescued Mizuki before leading Aptom out of the cave and into the forest.

Aptom quickly revealed his new abilities by combining Gregoyle, Vamore, and Enzyme II into a composite form that he used to defeat Guyver I. Sho was initially overwhelmed by Guyver I's regenerative abilities and acidic blood, resulting in Guyver I's hands being burned while attempting to use his Megasmasher. As Aptom attempted to destroy Guyver I, but a nearby Chronos soldier alerted the Hyperzoanoid Team Five and was killed by Aptom, giving Sho the chance to telepathically open his chest and use his Megasmasher and overcome Aptom's attack and defeated him.

However, an arm of Aptom's survived from Guyver I's Megasmasher attack and regenerated by absorbing a Zoaniod. After discovering the true extent of his regenerative powers, he first task is find a Zoanoid to consume to fully regenerate his body. The Hyperzoanoid Team Five investigated the woods where Aptom was defeated. Aptom stalked the Hyperzoanoid and consumes Elegen into his body, revealing he was no longer under Dr. Barcas' control. He declared his revenge on Chronos for torturing him and on the Guyver for killing his comrades and defeating him. Aptom then promised to Gaster that he would be next and escaped the woods.

Aptom remained in the woods, knowing that absorbing a Hyperzoanoid would not be enough to fight against Guyver I. He decided to target Commander Richard Guyot himself for greater power. As Aptom carried on with his plans, a powerful presence appeared, killing three Chronos soldiers with nothing more than a thought. This new force discovered Aptom hiding in the woods and defeated him quickly; believing him dead, this individual fled, unaware that enough of Aptom's body parts remained for him to regenerate once more. Aptom took the dead Chronos soldiers bodies and infiltrating Relic's Point.

Once inside, he took advantage of the chaos that was wreaking havoc in the base. His three bodies separated in different directions, with one waiting in the corridors for an ambush, the other making his way to the control room, and the third being held in reserve. The one in the corridors attacked Hyperzoanoid members ZX-Tole and Derzerb, but they easily defeated the attacker. However, because of this distraction, another part of Aptom was able to enter the control room and devour Gaster. He approached ZX-Tole and Derzerb in disguise, posing as a wounded comrade. A concerned Derzerb helped the comrade, but this put him in the path of Aptom, who infected the large Hyperzoanoid. Despite ZX-Tole destroying Gaster-infected body, it was too late for Derzerb, whose body was transformed into a mix of Elegan and Gaster's, giving Aptom a huge advantage. With his new abilities, he severely injured ZX-Tole and sent him flying through the air several levels with his liquid missile attack. Aptom wanted nothing more than to devour ZX-Tole and gain his power now that victory appeared to be within his grasp. ZX-Tole then unleashed his devastating Tempest beam attack, which vaporized half of Aptom's new body. Had his final copy arrived and infected ZX-Tole's leg, but the Hyperzoanoid blew up his own leg rather than be infected.

The two Aptoms merged and created a new body for themselves using the cell sample from ZX-Tole's leg. After surviving the destruction of Relic's Point, he went to Tokyo and looks after Sho's friends and keeping a low profile as Chronos has taken over the world. Aptom hoped that by keeping an eye on them and keeping them safe, they would lead him to Sho, where Aptom could kill the Guyver. Due to his past actions, this would make him a fugitive to Chronos. He would regularly absorb Zoanoids who got too close to Sho's friends. He eventually realized he was being followed and went into a construction site to confront his stalker, who turned out to be ZX-Tole, who had been healed.

Despite having confidence in his ability, ZX-Tole revealed that he had been upgraded into a much more powerful with his old comrades' abilities. As a result, Aptom and ZX-Tole fought in the Tokyo skies, where the former leader proved to be too powerful for the former member of the Lost Numbers. Aptom had been infected with a virus that prevented him from consuming Zoanoids or regenerating, so his cell invasion techniques were unable to absorb him. He also discovered that ZX-Tole was no longer a Hyperzoanoid, but had been transformed into a Lost Number in order to exact revenge. Despite struggling in battle and badly wounded, Aptom avoided his death and met up with Sho's friends, as well as the arrival of Sho who transformed into the Guyver Gigantic and saved them from ZX-Tole. After the battle, Aptom generated himself by consuming a Zoanoid that was spying on him and Sho's friends. He then told Tetsuro to tell Sho that they have a score to settle before disappearing into the city.