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I can't let these people revolt! Too many lives will be lost!
~ Aquagirl.
Talk of assassination has been passing around at the deepest levels. I assume the conspirators are loyalists of Orm. So eventually details of this scheme found their way... to his sister.
~ Prime Earth Tula.

Aquagirl (real name Tula), also known as Aquagirl I, is a fictional character and superheroine from DC comics, appearing as a supporting character in the Aquaman comics. She is an Atlantean who was adopted into a royal family, and later became the love-interest of Aquaman's sidekick, Garth. On Prime Earth, she is the half-sister to Ocean Master and stepsister to Aquaman, and would gain the trust of the latter following the superhero usurping Orm.

She was created by the late Bob Haney and the late Nick Cardy, and first appeared in Aquaman #33 in May of 1967.


Early Life

Tula was born under the sea to unnamed parents, whom died of unknown causes after her birth, leading her to be adopted by an unnamed royal family. In her youth, she was raised and educated by her adoptive family in seclusion within their home, and never left the royal palace. This would change when she met Garth, the ward of Atlantis' ruler Aquaman, and the two soon developed a romantic relationship. Once they became teenagers, the two decided to travel to the surface world to on adventures with Aquaman.

Becoming Aquagirl

Deciding to go on adventures with Garth, who had become Aquaman's sidekick "Aqualad", Tula adopted the name "Aquagirl" and traveled to the surface world. She assisted Garth on missions with the Teen Titans, a superhero team composed of teenagers who are sidekicks to well-known heroes. Due to her assistance and support, Tula became an honorary member of the team, but would mainly help Garth when he needed it. Later on, Aquaman would leave his throne to continue his search for Mera, leaving Atlantis to fall into the hands of Narkran. Wanting to protect the citizens of Atlantis, Tula partnered with Mupo to overthrow the dictator with a rebellion. After defeating Narkran, Tula returned to Garth to help him and the Teen Titans stop H.I.V.E. for good.

Death and Return

In the "Crisis on Infinite Earths" storyline, Tula assisted Aqualad fight Black Manta, but she would die from toxic waste poured into the water by Chemo. After her death, a statue of her was placed in Titans Tower to honor their fallen teammate, while Garth mourned the loss of his girlfriend. During the "Blackest Night" storyline, Tula was revived and turned into a Black Lantern, and attacked Garth and Mera alongside Aquaman and Dolphin. She managed to kill Garth, and assisted him in his quest to attack Titans Tower, but she was destroyed by Dove.

Prime Earth

On Prime Earth, Tula is the daughter of Orvax Marius and his unnamed mistress, and is the half-sister to Orm Marius and stepsister to Arthur Curry. When Orvax passed away, Orm became king of Atlantis and placed Tula as the commanding officer of the Drift, and made each member some of the greatest warriors. It was not soon after that Orm decided to attack the surface world, coming into conflict with his half-brother Arthur and the Justice League. Aquaman would usurp his brother from the crown, and later gained the trust of Tula, whom he made Atlantis' regent.

When Corum Rath believed that Arthur's sympathy for the surface was harmful for the seven seas, he performed a successful coup against Aquaman. Tula was later arrested for siding with her stepbrother, but managed to escape and traveled to the surface world with Mera. Now residing at Amnestry Bay with Arthur, Tula would get a job as a shop worker and started to adjust on living on land.




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