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I just thought maybe you could use some help.
~ Lorena Marquez to Aquaman.
What's wrong, air breather? Are you drowning without your oxygen?
~ Aquagirl.

Aquagirl (real name Lorena Marquez), also known as Aquagirl II and Aquawoman, is a fictional character and superheroine from DC comics, appearing as a supporting character in Aquaman and Teen Titans comics.

When the city of San Diego sink into the seas, Lorena managed to adapt to the underwater and was nursed back to health by Atalntis' ruler Aquaman. After rebuilding the city as Sub Diego, Marquez adopted the name "Aquagirl", becoming Aquaman's sidekick and a member of the Teen Titans.

She was created by Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason, and first appeared in Aquaman #16 in May of 2004.



Not much is known about Lorena Marquez's past, but she was presumably born in California to unnamed parents. She would lose her entire family at the zoo when an earthquake shook San Diego, causing the city to sink into the sea. Lorena was saved by Aquaman, and discovered that she somehow managed to adapt to the sea. After being nursed back to health, she decided to assist Aquaman in finding survivors of the earthquake, and later came across the man responsible for the sinking - Dr. Anton Geist. Seeing that they needed to protect the survivors and rebuild the city, Lorena and Aquaman worked on creating Sub Diego for refuge.

Becoming Aquagirl

Deciding to wanting to save people and with her adaptive powers, Lorena decided to take on the title of "Aquagirl" and started to find more survivors to take them to Sub Diego. Unbeknownst to Marquez, the supervillain Ocean Master switched lives with Aquaman, but Curry was able to reveal the switch to Lorena in time.

After Aquaman returned to his life, he decided to partner with Lorena to help her protect Sub Diego. Curry would come to respect Marquez's investigative mind, as she was able to find the culprit behind the murders happening in Sub Diego. After the events of "Infinite Crisis", Lorena joined the Teen Titans but would leave soon due to having arguments with her teammate Hawk. She would go on to assist Steel in rescuing Natasha Irons, and was later captured by the Terror Titans and brainwashed by the Apokoliptian Gods.

Serving under the Dark Side Club under mind control, Lorena and the others would be freed by Miss Martian and returned to Titans Tower. Aquagirl then decided to rejoin the Teen Titans, and came into conflict with Bombshell and the Face, mainly the latter due to him sexually harassing her and other teammates. Despite this, Lorena would find friends in Static and Blue Beetle, and developed a romantic interest in the former. After assisting Static and the Teen Titans in fighting Holocaust, Aquagirl and Bombshell are tasked to rescue Raven from the Wylde. The two would get lost at sea but would rescued at some point in time, but are sidelined by Wonder Girl, who believes that they needed to improve their skills before going back on the field.


  • In "Titans Tomorrow", Lorena is shown using the name "Aquawoman" and displaying marine telepathy.


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