I'm Aqualad. Sorry I didn't introduced myself earlier.
~ Aqualad in Teen Titans animated series

Aqualad is the supporting character from the 2003 animated TV series, Teen Titans. He is a young superhero from Atlantis and a founding member of Titans East.

He is voiced by Wil Wheaton, who also voiced Ted Kord in Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Cosmic Boy in The Legion of Super Heroes.



Generally calm and collected, though fiercely determined to defend the sea, his home, he develops a rivalry with Beast Boy, who is jealous of his proficiency and physical prowess, apparently so impressive that both Raven and Starfire developed crushes on him.

He can communicate with fish using his telepathic powers, though these powers are susceptible to nullification from the human-affecting psychic ones of Brother Blood.

It is shown that Aqualad is against the notion of eating fish, stating "What were you thinking? I'm from the ocean! Those were probably friends of mine!" when presented with fish tacos by his teammates.


Aqualad is a marine telepath who once lived in the utopia of Atlantis.

He employing the help of the Teen Titans in defeating an Atlantean criminal named Trident. He butts heads with Beast Boy in that episode as he feels shown up by the impressive young Atlantean, but in their battles with Trident, Beast Boy and Aqualad make peace by the episode's end.

He needing the Titans' help to take out Brother Blood's second undersea H.I.V.E. Headquarters. Following Blood's escape, they give chase and track him to Steel City, where he and Bumblebee form the Titans East. He later falls prey to Blood's mind control, turning on appointed leader Cyborg and does battle with Titans Central; he is freed after Cyborg defeats Brother Blood in the final battle, and stays on with Titans East.




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