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Hero Overview

I can't die yet. Not until I find him... and kill him with my very own hands.
~ Aqua figuring out the truth behind Ai's death.

Aquamarine "Aqua" Hoshino, formerly known as Gorou Amamiya in his past life, is the main protagonist of the 2020 manga series Oshi no Ko and its 2023 anime adaptation.

He was a doctor in his previous life who treated patients including Ai Hoshino who was his favourite idol as well. After his death, he was reborn as Ai’s son alongside with her new twin sister, Ruby Hoshino or formerly known as Sarina being also one of his previous life patient that he treated. As of now, his main goal is to avenge the death of Ai by hunting down and killing his father, who was responsible for her death.

He is voiced by Kent Itou in his pre-incarnation in Japanese and Jeremy Gee in English, by Yumi Uchiyama as a child in Japanese and Chaney Moore in English and by Takeo Ōtsuka as a teenager in his reincarnation in Japanese and Jack Stansbury in English.


As Gorou Amamiya, he was a man in his early 30s of average height with black hair arriving at his eyes. He wore a pair of rectangle framed glasses and is seen in his white coat in all of his appearances.

As Aquamarine Hoshino, he is born as a blond hair boy with blue aqua pupils (like he was named after) and his right eye of the same six star shaped eye design like his mother. As a high school student he wears a blue school uniform with gold linings along with a red tie and grey pants.

Past Life[]

Gourou was a doctor that became obsessed with idols especially with Ai Hoshino after meeting one of his patient, Sarina Tendoji who suffered anaplastic astrocytoma. They would talk about being reborn as an idol’s child before Sarina’s death at age 12.

4 years later after her death, he is seen watching Ai’s performance along along with his patient in his room before getting caught by his nurse, which she then tells him that she is going on a hiatus due to poor health. He then tells him about the time he had with Sarina in the past, which the nurse simply sees him as a perverted fan with an obsession of the idol. He later on meets a young girl with dark purple hair and wearing a white cape, who was pregnant for pregnant with her guardian. It is later on revealed that the teenage girl was in fact Ai and the man was the company which Ai was working for’s president. Gorou would get excited as a took from outside of the room to peek at Ai as they are having a conversation about her pregnancy of twins and to keep as a secret from the public. As a fan, Gorou comfort her by stating that he can help her to bring them both to birth.

Gorou would spend a few months along with them with Ai’s pregnancy until one day she announces that she was ready to give birth. That night Gorou would be confronted by someone who asks him if he was Ai’s doctor, which makes him realize that he knew about Ai’s pregnancy. As the stranger ran away, Gourou would chase him before getting pushed off a cliff killing him in the process. The same night upon being murdered, he would be reborn as Ai’s child alongside with his new twin sister, Ruby Hoshino.


  • Aqua as a child is voiced by Yumi Uchiyama, a Japanese voice actor who has also taken the role of the main protagonist of the anime, light novel, and manga series Mushoku Tensei, Rudeus Greyrat, who has also taken a new identity after reincarnating prior subsequently losing his life.

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