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Aquilamon is a minor heroes of Digimon Data Squad and partner of Kristy Damon. He is a Champion form of Biyomon and his Ultimate form is Garudamon.

He is voiced by Terrence Stone in the English Version.


He is a red giant eagle with horns. He have a blue eyes.

Digimon Data Squad

Aquilamon was digivolved from a revived Biyomon when Merukimon attempted to remove the "human" influence from Biyomon in vain. Aquilamon, who is confused from the ordeal and his memories of Kristy, escaped from Merukimon & returned to the real world to go on a reign of destruction, setting things on fire with his 'Blast Laser' attack while overpowering Gaogamon and Sunflowmon. Aquilamon later digivolved into Garudamon when confronted by GeoGreymon.

Famous Battles

  • Aquilamon vs GeoGreymon


  • Blast Laser:
  • Grand Horn:


  • In Digimon Adventure 02, Aquilamon is the Digivolved form of Hawkmon.


Digimon Data Sqaud


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