Aquilus used to be named Octavius until he got an injury in battle so he ran away and changed his name to Aquilus to avoid being executed. He is the main character from Matthew Dooley's "Sword of Crotone". He was spoke to by Vulcan that he must find the magic sword at Crotone. He was also told that Valentias will try to follow him, kill him, and take the sword for himself.


Aquilus dresses like any other soldier in 117 A.D. He wears a toga and a gold medallion. He also wears a winged helmet. He is shown to be very strong as a horse trampled him and a chariot landed on him with him surviving. Near the end Valentias chops off his hand before falling into the bottomless pit. He becomes a god at the end and becomes taller.


He used to be a soldier named Octavius but fled and changed his name to Aquilus. His village is attacked by a small group of Romans led by Valentias. He is trample by a horse and has a vision of Vulcan telling him to go to Crotone to get a magic sword. His sword is broken by Valentias with his hammer and gains a spear and dagger. He fights Valentias at Crotone but he cuts off his hand and uses the sword wish. Valentias becomes a god but Aquilus pushes him into the bottomless pit seemingly killing him. He fails in his mission and appears 3000 years later as a god granting world peace.

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