Aragog the Acromantula is Rubeus Hagrid's pet spider who was released into the forbidden forest 50 years ago when Hagrid was framed for opening The Chamber of Secrets and Aragog was the guardian of the chamber when it was really Tom Riddle who unlocked it and the guardian was really the Basilisk, a 60 foot snake which killed Moaning Myrtle in the girls' bathroom. 50 years late,r the chamber was opened again. After all the attacks on the students of Hogwarts, Cornelius Fudge was going to take Hagrid to Azkaban for believing he is the culprit. Albus Dumbledore was trying to prove that Hagrid was innocent, but Lucius Malloy, who was behind it all, came into Hagrid's hut to remove Dumbledore. Fudge and Malfoy took Dumbledore and Hagrid away. Hagrid informed Harry Potter and Ron Weasley hiding under the invisibility cloak if they wanted to know the truth all they had to do was to follow the spiders. Harry and Ron did what Hagrid said and they met Aragog in the forbidden forest. Aragog told his side of the story and they were going to head back to the school but Aragog refused and decided to let his children eat them. Luckily they escaped in the flying Ford Anglia.

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