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Arc is the main protagonist character in the 2018 nickelodeon live-action sitcom  Knight Squad. He wants to become a Knight of Astoria so that he can help save his people and village from Ryker's army. However, he is not allowed to become a knight because he is not a descendant of the noble Dragon Blood heritage and he's not from Astoria. So, he sneaks into Knight School and lies about his identity so that they can let him train to become a knight. By the end of the series, he reveals that he is not a Dragon blood but The King allows him to become a knight.

He is portrayed by Owen Joyner.


Arc is a funny, nice, and energetic boy. He is smart and strategic as shown in the way that he helps Phoenix Squad with great ideas on their quests and battles. He is also really mischievous but just cares about his friends and cares about becoming a knight.


Arc was born in an ordinary, non-royal, non-magical family in Seagate (Seagate is a parody of Seaside). His family are thieves. His cousin became an oyster. His homeland was captured by Ryker's army. The only way to save his people was by becoming a Knight of Astoria. But he is not allowed to become a knight because he is not from the noble Dragon Blood heritage. He sneaks into the Knight School and lies about his identity. He joined Phoenix Squad and became (secretly) the only one in his squad who is not a Dragon Blood.

No one else knows about his secret besides Ciara. Until the final Closing Knight he and Ciara revealed their secrets.


  • He uses the catchphrase "wazow" but Ciara steals it because Arc stole her tiara.
  • He has a habit of enthusiastically dancing, often depending on his mood.
  • He is the last person of the main "youth" cast to directly mention or have a relative appear
    • The King debuts in Opening Knight
    • Prudence mentions her paternal or maternal uncle in Opening Knight
    • Fizzwick debuts in A Knight at the Roxbury
    • Ciara's older sister, Eliza, is mentioned in A Knight's Tail and may appear in the future
    • Saffron appeared in Parent Teacher Knight
    • Buttercup mentioned her mother, saying she has a mustache in Do the Knight Thing
    • Arc directly mentions his father in A Thief in the Knight and he appears in that episode.
      • He had previously mentioned he hates fathers in A Knight's Tail, but he doesn't go into detail why and has yet to be brought up again.
  • He and his best friend Ciara were in the the Henry Danger Universe and encountered their arch-enemy Ryker


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