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Arcee is a major character in Transformers Energon, serving as the leader of the Omnicons.

A headstrong and feisty Omnicon, Arcee is eager to prove she's as capable a warrior as any other Autobot. She can manipulate and refine raw energon easily; her mastery of the Energon Bow is almost legendary. Unlike other Omnicons, there are not lots of her.



Arcee was evolved though the power of Energon as a feminine idol for the Onmicons to aspire to as they mined Energon.


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  • Her backstory was mostly lost in the English dub of Energon
  • In Superlink, she was referred to as Ariel, the original name of Elita-One.
  • In the Japanese storyline Alternity, Arcee/Ariel takes on a humanoid form called by Elita Seven. 


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