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Archibald is a major character in French literary series The Mirror Pass. He is a friend of Ophélie and a notorious womanizer. He is also the great grandson of Mother Hildegarde.


Contrary to what one would expect from an ambassador, Archibald is not a diplomat: on the contrary, he is used to never lying and always says what he thinks without much concern for the possible reaction of his interlocutor. In the company of his guests, he is almost never serious and the parties he gives at the Clairdelune embassy are famous. He spends his time pushing women into adultery, which he usually achieves with ease thanks to his advantageous physique but above all thanks to his power of "transparency", very attractive to people suffering from loneliness. If Ophélie despises this practice, he finds it honourable because, according to him, he "liberates" these women from their solitude.

He loves to be noticed and defy conventions, not hesitating for example to dress in a totally disorganized way during formal events. Despite his mocking side, he can also be protective, especially towards his sisters.

But underneath his sparkling and extroverted exterior, Archibald hides a more serious and melancholic side that only shows itself when he is in a very small committee: he feels a deep boredom and is desperate for the emptiness of his existence to which even his escapades fail to give meaning.

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