Archie is a supporting character in The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists. He is the biggest out of all archelons in the Land Before Time franchise.

He is voiced by the late Charles During.

Role in the film

When Littlefoot and Ali were in the cave to go to the Land of Mists and an earthquake caused rocks to fall, Ali ran off to get the others to help free Littlefoot who was blocked by the rocks. Littlefoot tried to find another way out when he met Archie. Archie tried to frighten Littlefoot but Littlefoot realized he really wasn't scary when he noticed that he did not have teeth. Then, Archie changed his act and began to talk with Littlefoot. Archie tried to help Littlefoot dig his way out until the belly dragger Dil and the Sharp Beak Ichy attacked both of them. While Archie tried to protect Littlefoot from Ichy and Dil, Ali, DuckyPetrieCera and Spike dug out an escape at the top of the wall. As some rocks fell down which unconciously knocked Ichy and Dil, Littlefoot and Archie climbed up the wall of rocks to escape. When Littlefoot tells the others about what had happened and the concept of the Land of Mists and the Night Flower came up, Archie told them he knows a shortcut to that valley.

He gave the children advice to stay together for safety before he leaves. 

After that he was never seen again.


  • It is unknown if Archie previously encountered Ichy and Dil before he met Littlefoot.
  • Archie will sometimes hide in his shell and hide underwater to protect himself.
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