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I know I'm angry, Mrs. Burble. I'm not an idiot. Look at all the crappy things that have happened to me, to my friends, to my dad. They make me angry. You talking to me like I'm a moron, that makes me angry. [..] And it hurts. I hurt all the time. And all I wanna do is make sure no one else does. But I've screwed it up. My mom almost got shot in the drive-by. She was held at gunpoint on Thanksgiving. How is a guy supposed to clean up the town, and protect his loved ones if he's putting them in the crosshairs? So what am I supposed to do?
~ Archie Andrews to Mrs. Burble.
It feels wrong. Everything feels wrong. I'm trying to save this town, but it is so... corrupt... broken, full of awful, despicable people. I mean, the lowest of the lows, dog fighters. Makes me think there's nothing worth saving here.
~ Archie to Frank.

Archibald "Archie" Andrews (b. 2001) is the main protagonist and main character of the CW tv series, Riverdale. An intense and conflicted teenager, he deals with countless tumultuous events that happen around him and his loved ones, and battling his insecurities.

He is the son of Fred Andrews and Mary Maiden, the best friend of Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper, and boyfriend of Veronica Lodge. Growing up in Riverdale, Archie bounces with his personal life and his dreams and aspirations, while also battling the darkness in his town. After his father was shot by the Black Hood, Archie decided to protect Riverdale from chaos by leading the Dark Circle, but the group became inactivate after the Black Hood was stopped.

Despite his attempt to assume a normal life after the Black Hood's end, he was framed of murder by Hiram Lodge, and was sentenced to prison. After his escape, Archie decided that he needed to protect Riverdale, becoming a boxer and attempting to stop Hiram Lodge and his schemes. By the end of his high school years, Archie attempted to enter the Naval Academy, but would have to join the United States Army by graduation after ending his relationship with Veronica once again. Years later, he would return to Riverdale become a miner, volunteer firefighter, and coach at his former high school and attempts to rebuild his town from its vast corruption.

While trying to stop Lodge, he rekindled his relationship with Veronica when she filed a divorce to her husband Chad Gekko. However, the two ended their relationship and Archie decided to begin his romance with Betty. While at his residence, the two receive a phone call that there's a bomb underneath his bed, and the two escape before it exploded. Afterward, Archie developed heightened strength and invulnerability by a unknown source.

He is portrayed by KJ Apa (who also played Fred Andrews as a teenager, and his Rivervale counterpart in the series), as Brock Brown played the character young.


Early Life

Archibald "Archie" Andrews was born in 2001, and is the son of construction owner Fred Andrews and lawyer Mary Maiden. When Archie was young, his parents adopted a Labrador Retriever named Vegas, and Fred decided to take responsibility for the dog. Growing up in Riverdale, Archie became childhood friends with Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, and the trio became best friends in their youths. Fred once recalled how Archie would sneak into Jughead's treehouse at night, and Archie has known Betty since they were four, always going to the same schools and being in the same classes.

When he was in the second grade, he was close to being held back by his teacher because he had trouble reading, and Betty decided to tutor him. When he passed, he kissed her and asked Betty to marry him, but she told they were too young, and to ask her when they were eighteen. When Archie was thirteen, his parents separated, with his mother moving to Chicago and Fred having to raise his son alone. During his summer before his sophomore year, Archie worked for his father's construction and got physically fit so he could be peart of the Riverdale Bulldogs. Archie later met Geraldine Grundy, his soon-to-be music teacher at Riverdale. The two began an affair, and Archie cancelled a road trip with Jughead during the fourth of July weekend, causing their friendship to be strained.

On July 4th, Archie and Geraldine were at Sweetwater River, and were startled by the sound of a gunshot. The two later discovered that Archie's classmate, Jason Blossom, had died under mysterious circumstances. Fearful that their relationship would be discovered, they promised each other that they wouldn't tell anyone about hearing a gunshot. In addition, the two agreed to end their relationship in order to keep it a secret, but Archie was conflicted with ending their romance.


Season One

When Jason Blossom is murdered in the town, Archie decides to investigate in his mysterious murder while also trying to keep his affair with Ms. Grundy a secret. Archie would meet and find himself drawn towards Veronica Lodge, the new girl in town while also trying to recover his friendship with Jughead. During the events of season, Archie is conflicted with wanting to become a musician, and juggling his life as a football player.

Season Two

After his father is shot at Pop's, Archie becomes determined to find the Black Hood when he felt that the law is failing to to apprehend him. Forming the Red Circle with his friends, Andrews continued his pursuit until it was revealed that the Black Hood was killing people from the Northside, resulting in war to start with the Southside Serpents. Archie would disband the group per the request of Mr. Weatherbee, and the killer was revealed to be Betty's father, Hal.

Season Five


Joining the military, Archie served for seven years until General Taylor, and after rescuing Corporal Jackson, was discharged and to be sent home. Returning to Riverdale, Archie finds the town to be corrupt and not what he fondly remembered it to be, and decides to help it overcome the corruption. Becoming the head coach of Riverdale's football team, Archie briefly rekindled his relationship with Veronica, but the two would end their relationship once again. Once dealing with Hiram, Archie decided to began an official relationship with Betty.

Season Six

Archie awakens from a nightmare he had where a bomb was placed under his bed, and tells Betty how weird it is to live in a town named "Riverdale". Afterward, Archie explains his reforestation plan at the community center, but also learns that Cheryl has declared Thornhill a sovereign state, thus cutting off the town's maple syrup supply. Archie and Cherly's friendship becomes strained when Andrews plans on having Riverdale make their own maple syrup, especially after Blossom refuses to return Thornhill to the community. Later on, Archie attends the Maple Harvest festival, where he succeeds in beating Jughead and Reggie in competitions, but fails in beating Betty in an axe throwing contest. When learning from Kevin that Betty was taken to Thornhill by Cheryl, it's revealed to be a ploy to have Archie be sacrificed since he has the distinction of being of pure heart. Before having his heart ripped out, Archie learns that Betty is pregnant with his child, and that his blood will bring Riverdale back to it's glory.

It's later revealed that Archie is alive, with the the previous events being from a parallel universe where Riverdale is known as "Rivervale". Archie and Betty receive a phone call that there's a bomb under their bed, and the two escape from the house before it explodes. Afterward, Archie develops powers such as invulnerability and superhuman strength.


Archie has shown himself to be a kind, compassionate, loyal and brave individual, willing to help his family and friends no matter the circumstances or the cost. When his father was wounded by the Black Hood, he swore to protect his family and the people of Riverdale from the criminal. However, he is shown to have a low self-esteem, mostly suffering from his insecurities with his musical talents, or his feelings for Betty. His compassion and kindness has led him astray on occasions, such as being manipulated or showing off his naivete. An example being Ms. Grundy manipulating him into not telling the police they heard the gunshot that killed Jason Blossom, or the Blossom family manipulating him into thinking they would help him with his music. Archie's greatest flaw is his insecurities, being easily manipulated by numerous people, and his impulsivity, which often takes over at the worst times.



  • KJ Apa dyed and bleached his hair red every two weeks to get the character's hair color, as his natural hair color is brown.
  • He appears to be a big fan of DC Comics, as he has Batman and Suicide Squad posters in his room.