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Arctic Freedom Fighters

The Arctic Freedom Fighters are a group of Mobians who reside in the Northern Tundra and oppose the tyranny of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and the Eggman Empire. They are one of the many factions of the Freedom Fighters located throughout Mobius. Operating from an underground compound with an igloo entrance, they originally formed as a simple activist group but later became a true team of Freedom Fighters.


Shortly before Robotnik's takeover, the defenders of the North Pole region had left to visit friends far off. When they returned, they found Robotnik had already conquered their territory. Forced into hiding, the Arctic Freedom Fighters fled into a deep underground cave below Robotropolis. Using some of Robotnik's discarded technology, they were able to create a climate which they could survive in.

When Robotnik created his Weather Annihilator and caused the climate to change, the Freedom Fighters were unable to locate Knothole and return home. Seeking shelter in a cave, Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends were nearly captured by SWATbots who were closing in on their location. However, the Arctic Freedom Fighters managed to bring them to a secret location before the SWATbots arrived. Afterwards, when the Knothole Freedom Fighters attempted to destroy the Weather Annihilator, Snively managed to freeze all of them with his ice blaster. However, the Arctic Freedom Fighters soon arrived and freed them. Shortly afterwards Sonic destroyed the Weather Annihilator, and the Arctic Freedom Fighters returned to the arctic.




  • The Arctic Freedom Fighters consist of typical arctic animals, with the exception of Flip as real-life penguins actually reside in the south pole.
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