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Arctiguana is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Polar Manzardill from the ice caps on the planet X'Nelli.


As his name suggests, Arctiguana's appearance somewhat resembles an iguana. He is a cold-blooded alien whose blood is literally very cold.

In the original series, Arctiguana had small spikes around his face, three dorsal fins reaching down his back and white gills on the sides of his head. He had white pants and a black open-front shirt with white cuffs and he wore the original Omnitrix symbol on his left hand.

In Omniverse, 16-year-old Arctiguana still retains the clothing from his previous designs, albeit it goes all the way up to his head and his chest is completely covered up with a white underbelly shell. He has four pointed fins instead of three and the black stripes on his face do not go through his mouth anymore, as they now go around his mouth. The spikes on his face are now on his chin and his gills are no longer visible. The claws on his front feet are pointier and less dexterous, and he now has two claws on each of his back feet. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

11-year-old Arctiguana looks mostly the same as his 16-year-old self except he wears the same clothing as in the original series, making his gills visible. His eyes are connected by a black stripe, he has spikes on his face, and the original Omnitrix symbol on his left wrist is recolored green.

Powers and Abilities

  • Freeze Breath: Arctiguana's freeze breath is so cold it was able to freeze a road full of molten lava in seconds.
    • Propulsion: Arctiguana can propel himself into the air using his freeze breath.
  • Enhanced Durability: Arctiguana tanked being hit with enough force to send him flying into a wall.


If Arctiguana uses his ice breath too much, he will need to catch his breath before using it again.

Arctiguana's durability has a clear limit, as he was harmed to the point of uncontrollably flying across an open area when being stabbed by Unitaur's horn and was knocked out from the impact of landing against a wall.

Arctiguana can be trapped in an Arachnichimp's webbing unless he makes it brittle using his ice breath.


Original (Future)

Arctiguana first appeared in Ben 10,000, where he froze Vilgax in water.

In Ken 10, Ben 10 000 as Arctiguana froze Mot Snikrep before Ken as Buzzshock could defeat him.


In Hot Stretch, Arctiguana froze the lava created by the Kraaho.

In Ben Again, Arctiguana was used by 11-year-old Ben in 16-year-old Ben's body to battle Eon's servants alongside 16-year-old Gwen and Rook. He then helped 16-year-old Ben as 11-year-old Wildvine battle Eon.

In For a Few Brains More, Negative Arctiguana gave chase to Ben, Rook, and Max and went Ultimate once he caught up.

In Collect This, Arctiguana fought Simian and Deefus Veeblepister only to be defeated by Unitaur.


  • Ben 10,000 originally named this alien "Absolute Zero". However, it was changed to "Arctiguana" on 10-year-old Ben's suggestion, as he found the original name to be boring.
  • In Omniverse, Arctiguana speaks with a Jamaican accent and a windy sound is heard whenever he speaks.
  • Arctiguana's voice becomes slightly higher when used by a younger version of Ben.
  • Arctiguana is the result of re-purposing and re-coloring one of Perk Upchuck's concept arts. His design originally had an olive green color scheme, glowing orange spikes on his back, and wore the Omnitrix symbol on his torso. Tom Perkins used the prototype as he did not want the design to go to waste.
  • Like Buzzshock, Murk Upchuck, Snare-oh, and Frankenstrike, Arctiguana appeared in Omniverse, but he did not appear in A New Dawn.
  • The way Arctiguana uses his ice breath to hover and fly is similar to how Godzilla uses his nuclear breath to accomplish the same feat.
  • In the DS and 3DS versions of Ben 10: Omniverse and Ben 10: Omniverse 2, Arctiguana walks on two legs rather than four.
  • 11-year-old Arctiguana was slated to appear in Hot Stretch but was excluded for time. Despite that, the design for 11-year-old Arctiguana would be used for the Ben 10: Omniverse video game and recolored for Freezelizard.
  • Although Ben unlocked Arctiguana around the same time as Feedback, it was never said which one was unlocked first, as the writers would only directly decide on it based on the needs of a story which touches on such matters.


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