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Hah, I'm kidding. I am well aware that you are incapable of doing anything else. Now that we find ourselves in this situation, we have to work together to defeat our common enemy, do we not?
~ Ares.

Ares is one of the supporting characters in the Warriors Orochi video game series, a crossover of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. He is Greek god who is the son of Zeus and Hera, and a brother of Athena and Perseus. He first appearance as a minor antagonist turned anti-hero in Warriors Orochi 4.

He was voiced by Makoto Furukawa.


Ares with his father, Zeus, and sister, Athena.

At the beginning, Ares along with his sister Athena, and father, Zeus have contributed various Ouroboros Bracelets at the magical realm. Therefore, they were recalling that events submits is all the warriors from the Three Kingdoms and Warriors States era joins forces to defeats the evil serpent king, Orochi, simply which in ordered thinks of right away to created the whole worlds. Possibly from that, his half-brother, Perseus had tries to takes all the bracelets away until his gets pursuing by Ares and Athena. Upon the bracelets then invading to Orochi's realms, Zhao Yun, Guan Yinping, Liu Bei, Lu Bu, Yukimura Sanada, and all the warriors are intended to expanding on areas.

Arriving between in China ang Japan, Ares is encountered Cao Pi, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, and Mitsunari Ishida. He agrees offering them a bracelets, Cao Pi's wife, Zhenji watched her husband holds Ouroboros by hands, which Ares only about for it. However, Ares could makes the boys as "King of Men". Cao Pi is very obedient for him. But later in that away to invaded in Fan Castle, Ares is eventually announced that he would teamed up with Zhao Yun, Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Cao Pi, and Mitsunari Ishida and then where is making constructed into the Olympian armies with them so while that course as through that is coming to the legendary battles, which he is doing that right for Athena.

All the warriors will gets wars in order to yelling out, Zhao Yun and Cao Pi, who were true dedicated to Taoism, has becoming Olympian deities after they exists obtained the bracelets, in that way to defeated Nuwa and Nezha with helped of Ares and Athena, as Susano'o, who is appearing to assisting them with waiting for it. Yukimura evades with Guan Yinping and other warriors, Guan Yu later arrived by dealing with Zhao Yun in Sekigahara. Kanetsugu Naoe coming that too fastest, he gives Guan Yinping a new bracelet but leads to Ares and Athena are being shocked. Guan Yinping, who is being a committed to Taoism with her father and brothers, also got the bracelet which then turned into a goddess.

She tries to stops Zhao Yun from continually fights towards Guan Yu in that ordering to helping by Ares and Athena, which would laying him decided defected from Olympian forces so while cooperation an alliance to all the warriors. Since the mystical realm and all the humans would fierce battles such more likes charges with superiority. Heading in Wuzhang Plains, Ares had gets warning by Cao Pi where then plus disclose on his bitter by light of day. Despite his thwarted, Ares meets Perseus once again. Meanwhile, Perseus, who now turning into Loki as he defeated by Yukimura and Guan Yinping which having them gratitude to him for hereafter with help. He is actually to be in mortals that much likes his father.

Upon that returned, Ares revealed that Hideyoshi is the real "King of Men", who called by Mitsunari, and not Cao Pi. He later betrayed them as while seized many powers into killing Zeus and joining forces with Loki and Odin, the king of Asgard. Loki calling Ares is "King of Gods". This time is traveling to Luoyang, Ares later tricked by Odin as well as being defeated by Loki, who surely to empowering Zeus's powers. Yukimura and Guan Yinping, who were arrives that hurries protected him avoid his death. He worked with Athena, Fu Xi, Nuwa, and all the warriors to used powers which that is helped revived his father yet with correct so is now to stops Odin's plans of the world destructions. While Odin's defeat, Ares, Zeus, and Athena are back to Olympus until Loki's demise.





  • Ares is based on the Greek mythological god of the same name. Especially this is that happened, he is being despicable at first which thought of killed his father deliberately and absorbing all the powers because of his corruption. Like his younger sister and half-brother, he is a serious and confident man who had respects to his father.