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Sort of clashes with my outfit; this come in black?
~ Argent to Starfire

Argent is one of the many good guys of the TV show, Teen Titans. She has the power to shoot red light from her hands to use as defense or to attack her enemies.

She was voiced by Hynden Walch who also voiced Starfire, Blackfire and Madame Rouge.

Teen Titans

Argent meets Starfire in New Zealand as she uses Her powers to fix a broken dam.

Argent is a super heroine hailing from England, whose backstory in the series is never really explored. She was evidently well-known enough to be a recognized hero by the Teen Titans without having met them previously. Because of her super powers, she was targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil for capture and elimination, and in order to ensure her safety and to connect the Titans around the globe, Robin instructed Starfire to give her a T-Communicator to contact the Titans if she ever met danger she could not handle. Soon after having Starfire's help in fixing a breaking dam in her homeland, however, the Brain set his plans in motion, and Argent was attacked by General Immortus and his robot army. Outnumbered and surrounded, she was eventually subdued and flash frozen as a victory trophy in the Brotherhood's headquarters.

A brotherhood robot carries the captured Argent over its shoulder.

When Beast Boy and the remnants of the Titans conducted a massive assault on the base, Argent and the other captives were freed by Más y Menos and joined the fight; she subsequently defeated Johnny Rancid in the fray. After their victory, Argent joined the other Titans in visiting Titans Tower and subsequently assisted them in recapturing Doctor Light.


Argent’s full view

Argent is a young woman of roughly 18 years of age. She has a silver/light gray skin and spiked, black hair with red bangs. Her dress is black up until her waist, where she has a red skirt with black stripes. She also wears long, black sleeves and black boots with a bit of red coloring on the bottom. Argent has a small 'A' tattoo on her chest, and her eyes are red with black pupils.


Argent usually maintains a calm, serious, and somewhat introverted personality.

Argent seems to be very quiet, calm, honorable, and very collected. She usually tends to keep to herself and seems to have a bit of a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Argent is also a bit of a goth or punk as black is her favorite color. Despite being a solo hero and a bit of a loner she is grateful when someone helps her. As typical of being a super heroine she has a strong sense of justice and works hard to protect the innocent and punish the guilty.

She tends to maintain a calm and cool exterior in her duties as a heroine. She is also very collected and seems to think first before acting. Despite this, when fighting and clearly at a disadvantage Argent can become less calm and collected as seen in the urgency of her distress signal to the other Titans. Despite this, she is no coward and would rather fight to her last breath than surrender to a villain.

While usually introverted, Argent is easily excited about fashion and her favorite color, black.

Argent can however be slightly arrogant however, as she initially underestimated General Immortus when it seemed he was attacking her by himself. When his army appeared she was clearly shocked upon realizing how outnumbered and outmatched she really was. She also put a fighting mode look on her face possibly to scare her opponents.


Argent emits crimson energy from her hands in order to form solid objects.

Argent using her powers of levitation.

Argent's main power is her ability to generate some kind of crimson energy that emits from her hands. By concentrating hard enough, she can then shape this energy into anything she wants, including concentrated bolts of force to energy-hands or other item manifestations such as solid metal shapes.

Argent also posses the power to fly without the use of wings, to the extent that she is able to fly at high altitudes and at incredibly fast speeds. Also during flight she suffers no damage from the sudden change in air pressure and altitude. 


  • In the DC mainstream comics, Argent's powers and appearance are derived from her half-alien heritage. She was originally created to help the aliens defeat the super-powered beings on Earth, but rebelled and became a heroine instead.
  • While Argent is seemingly from New Zealand, her accent is actually British.
  • Argent's favorite color is black.
  • Argent shares some similarities with Raven, both have introverted attitudes, sarcastic and dry senses of humor, both can fly, are very goth, and have black as their favorite color.
  • Argent is the second superheroine in the Teen Titans franchise to be carried over someone's shoulder, the first being Starfire.
  • Although not seen in the series, many fans have shipped Argent with her fellow honorary Teen Titan Hot Spot.
  • Argent's powers of flight, energy generation, and manipulation are similar to that of those in the the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Argent means silver in French. This can be alluded too be her silver colored skin.


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