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Your visions determined this course of action. The powerful warrios to come... the corruption of a Mortal Kombat tournament... The chain of events you foretell will lead to an conflict that will destroy us all! These Kombatants must be dealt with!
~ Argus to Delia about the Armageddon

Argus is the overarching protagonist of the Mortal Kombat series, appearing as a supporting protagonist of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. He is the husband of Delia and the father of Rain, Taven and Daegon.


Early life

Argus is one of the Edenian Gods, and the great divine Protector of his realm attributed to defend it from threats of foreign forces. As well, he is the spouse of the mighty Edenian sorceress, Delia.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

Argus is the strongest Gods of Edenia. Since he predicted the apocalypse wrought by the outnumbered fighters appeared from the Mortal Kombat tournament as seen by his wife, Delia, the Elder Gods granted Argus to come up with a key to warn this from happening. Argus planned to annihilate the kombatants to prevent Armageddon, but Delia complained to this, reporting out that "some were heroes, unmerited of death". He came up with an answer to prevent Armageddon: a competition between a pair of their sons; Taven and Daegon who, both shall run each other onto the top of the pyramid and defeat the fiery creature of Delia, Blaze, with the secret weapons and uniforms of armor that both Argus and Delia had given them to find. After Blaze is defeated, depending on which one of the brothers bested him, not only will they gain entire godhood and replace Argus as Protector of Edenia, but the surplus energies from Blaze are gonna be absorbed by their armor and either eradicate or cancel the special powers of the other kombatants, keeping away their fighting from ripping the realms apart. Argus created more obelisks for his sons to train in on their journeys, where Argus and Delia had departed their images in.

Argus and Delia were probably assassinated by Daegon shortly after their son's premature revival. However, Daegon's ending turns out both of them are likely alive. In certain endings, like Rain's and Bo' Rai Cho's, it is also implicit they lives yet.

In Rain's ending, it is proved that Argus is also Rain's father, but Rain was born from another mother, making him the half-brother of Taven and Daegon and the birth father of Argus.

In an enormous ironic twist of demise, the ending that would've achieved the decease of all the other kombatants, and therefore the provided cessation of Armageddon, was that of none of his three sons, nor any important character from the Mortal Kombat series past, but the viewed joke character, Mokap.

In Rain's ending in Mortal Kombat (2011), after the defeat of Shao Kahn at the hands of Rain, the thunder god, Raiden takes Rain to Edenia to teach about Rain's sources. He shows Rain a statue of Argus, who was Rain's biological father. Rain realized his lost generation, that he was Argus' direct descendant. But with his divinity accepted, his path was safe: Rain will gather and head a legion of followers, especially those of Shao Kahn's militia, to annex not simply Outworld, but also all other realms, such as Earthrealm as his first target. Though this ending is non-canon, Rain shall discover his godly heritage by the time Mortal Kombat X's story takes place.

In Kenshi Takahashi's ending in Mortal Kombat X, it is fully clear that Argus has been killed by Daegon as he was in the original timeline.


Are sons are the only ones we can trust. Furthermore they will prove themselves before the Elder Gods they will bring honor to Edenia.
~ Argus to Delia
We have equipped them well. And the monoliths will home their skills. This must be done.
~ Argus when Delia asks why must it be their sons


  • When the narrator say: "The half-brother of Taven and Daegon, Rain, absorbed the power of Blaze and became a full god. I had not anticipated that the victor would be the son whose true identity I have hidden for so long. I bestowed the title of Protector of Edenia on Rain, but my pride in my son was misplaced. He uses his power to enslave Edenia" in Rain's ending, and "Wounded, Daegon followed Taven to the pyramid. As Taven battled Blaze, Daegon stabbed the fire elemental from behind with the sword I had left him. Thus through treachery did Daegon complete the quest. But before he could savor his victory, the pyramid shook and a recess opened, revealing the parents he had murdered: Delia and myself" in this of Daegon, it reveals that narrator is himself Argus.


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