Even if we owe that enemy a great debt, for our master's sake, we must defeat them... That is... Our pride!
~ Aries

Aries is a supporting character in the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. She is one of the twelve Zodiac Celestial Spirits and an old friend of Loke. Her key was formerly owned by Karen Lilica and then Angel, before the latter's defeat at the hands of Lucy Heartfilia, after which the ownership of her key transferred over to Lucy.

She is voiced by Sayaka Narita in the Japanese version of the anime and Didi Archilla in the English version.


Aries is a female spirit who resembles a young woman with pink hair, brown eyes and a pair of twisted horns on her head. She wears clothes that have a white and fluffy wool-like getup. Her outfit changes, however, as the story progresses. In her very first appearance, Aries did not have a satchel on her waist and her neck was covered in white wool rather than the pink wool shown in her recent appearance.


Aries is very shy, polite and insecure, a likely result of having two abusive masters in a row. She frequently apologises, regardless of whether or not she did anything right or wrong. She is very submissive and seems to lack the courage to stand up for herself; when she was contracted to Karen, she took all the abuse she inflicted on her without a word of protest (though she did complain a lot), forcing Leo to step in for her. As Angel's spirit, she chooses to fight Leo despite it being clear she doesn't want to, though she states that it's a matter of pride.

As shy and submissive as she is, she is very sweet and able to appreciate how kind of an owner Lucy is, and is grateful to have the same owner as Loke again. Her kindness is noted by Juvia, who was horrified by how rude and short-tempered her Eclipse equivalent was by comparison. She is quite easily frightened but also very brave and easily willing to fight for her owner.

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