I was never good at school or sports. The only thing I ever had any kind of talent for at all was singing. So I made up my mind- I'd do whatever it takes to become a singer. That's my dream. To be a real singer and perform in front of a huge audience on a big stage. You could say, it's what I want more than anything.
~ Arisa telling her dream to Touma and Index

Arisa Meigo is one of the two main heroines in the A Certain Magical Index movie, Miracle of Endymion. She is a talented singer with a mysterious past, who dreams of getting her big break as an idol. As she performs on the streets, she meets Touma Kamijou and Index, and then finds out that she has won the audition for the image song for the opening Endymion. She later discovers that there are people after her related to her miraculous powers, including Stiyl Magnus and Kaori Kanzaki.

She is voiced by Misawa Sachika in the Japanese version and Megan Shipman in the English version.


She has long pink hair, which she often ties up, and pink eyes. She wears a loose smock-like light pink shirt, and blue pants. One of her most notable traits is that she is often seen wearing what seems to be a light blue newsboy hat with a dove on the left side. She is once seen wearing glasses for reasons unknown, despite the fact that she can see just fine without them.


Arisa is, in many ways, a foil to Shutaura Sequenzia- while Shutaura refuses to believe in miracles, Arisa's very existence is a miracle, and is very optimistic where Shutaura is cynical. While initially bothered by the fact that she was a Level 0, she eventually became grateful, believing she never would have become a singer if she had an ability.

Arisa is a very kind and selfless girl, as exemplified by the fact that she allowed Ladylee Tangleroad to use her in order for her audience to be safe. Like Index, she has a ravenous appetite. One trait she shares with Shutaura is that she is shown to be a hard worker, as she failed to have obtained an esper ability, she used the fact that she had nothing to work hard in order to become what she is today in hopes of achieving her dreams of being a professional idol.

She is a natural in the business, not camera shy at all, and not hesitant to wear the skimpy clothing required in her performances. Of her talents, she is also a talented songwriter, able to come up with new lyrics for her song after a short conversation with Index in the bath. She wants people to hear her sing to want to make them happy, but she also truly enjoys singing. Yet she is somewhat haunted by the fact her singing sometimes follows disaster, although all people in those tragedies survive calling it a 'miracle'.


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