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It's magic hour!
~ Arkayna's catchphrase.
Unleash the Dragon!
~ Arkayna's battle cry to utilize its great mystical powers.

Princess Arkayna Goodfey is the main character and protagonist in Mysticons.

She is voiced by Alyson Court who also voiced Lydia Deetz in Beetlejuice Mira Fermin in Bakugan: New Vestroia and Jubilee in the X-Men series.


Arkayna is the eldest Princess Twin of Gemina and second Mysticon Dragon Mage, who is the fearless leader of the Mysticons. Her signature color is dark green and her symbol of mystical power is the dragon form the bright green Dragon Bracer. Her Mysticon weapon is a staff that emits powerful green fire and can erect a protective shield. Her griffin companion is named Izzie. She initially disliked learning of the original four Mysticons from her mother, the Queen. She demonstrated telekinetic skill by mentally levitating a construction and converting it into a ramp; her eyes glow white while utilizing this ability. She eventually learns that she has a fraternal twin sister who was believed to be Proxima Starfall, one of the top Astromancers' strongest star mages. Later it is revealed that the sarcastic Zarya is her true twin sister, though they both seemed to welcome Proxima into "the sisterhood" as their honorary twin. Her romantic interest is the talented mid-level Astromancer, Malvaron Grimm. She grew up playing with the royal griffins and relies on her honor, determination and ideals to always do the right thing. However, she is mostly oblivious to the feelings of others; namely Proxima's deeply hurt feelings of betrayal and greater sense of loneliness and desertion towards her for never actually being there for her after learning that Zarya was her real twin sister.


Arkayna is a tall and fit human with auburn hair and violet eyes. She wears a green dress under a white shirt. When she turns into Mysticon Dragon Mage her hair turns purple and she wears a crown, a green shirt under a white blouse, and green pants.

Powers and abilities

As Mysticon Dragon Mage, Arkayna can emit and control green fire, create objects like curtains and a bush for camouflage out of thin air, and erect a green force-field from her Dragon Mage staff.


  • Her name is play on the word "arcane."
  • She is fifteen years old.
  • Arkayna's staff is resembles Princess Elena's Staff from Disney Junior Elena of Avalor.
  • Unlike most redheads, she has violet eyes instead of green.
  • Her romantic interest/boyfriend/"star mate" is Malvaron.
  • It's revealed in "The Prophecy Unleashed" that she has a fraternal twin sister.
  • She was born on 10th day of the month of the dragon at the stroke of midnight.
  • Her name means "sunlight on the ocean."
  • Her hair-care routine without magic would take three hours every morning.
  • Her favorite musician is the RnB (rhythm-and-bards) singer Lark.
  • Her color-coded diary system has 8 main colors and 6 sub-colors.
  • Her favorite food is ever-berry flavored star water.
  • Her least favorite food is fermented fairy fungus.


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