Outta my way! I'm saving the day!
~ Armadylan

Armadylan is the supporting protagonist in the second season of the Disney Junior show PJ Masks. He first appeared in the season 2 episode "Meet Armadylan".

He is an armadillo-like boy who wanted to be a superhero like the PJ Masks by joining their team, but before he could join them, he must learn how to use his powers right. He was also sometimes rival with the PJ Masks.


A hero who protects the city from the nighttime villains. Armadylan wraps into a ball and thunders about the city trying to do all the cool hero stuff.


Armadylan is very reckless and clumsy due to his not having his powers for very long as he always causes destruction and gets the PJ Masks and himself into accidents when he was helping them. He wanted to show some cool hero stuff for the PJ Masks, but his powers would cause destruction. He is also careless because he wasn't being careful of using his strong powers, which causes destruction. He can be friendly, but also, cocky, arrogant and ill-tempered.

Physical appearance

Armadylan wears a tan-and-brown armadillo suit with a mask and tail. His nighttime outfit is similar to the PJ Masks. His symbol is a tan-and-brown armadillo. He has a fair skin, brown eyes, and is taller than the PJ Masks.


  • Armadylan's favorite animal is an armadillo.
  • Armadylan is the fifth hero to appear in the show.
  • He also joined the PJ Masks in his debut episode, but occasionally he rivalry with the PJ Masks. The previous was PJ Robot.
  • In "Armadylan Menace", it is revealed that he's a fan of Flossy Flash, like Owlette.
  • They were speculations before he was introduced he was a villain who got kicked off the team due to being reckless and he joined Romeo. This turned out to be false as he was indeed a hero all along just reckless and arrogant.
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