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Hero Overview

"I'm getting all tingly. It seems worthwhile to play with you!!"
~ Arnett McMillan to Satellizer L. Bridget in "Punishment".

Arnett McMillan (s/n: GM436) is a female character in the anime and manga series Freezing. She's a third-year Pandora at West Genetics. She was formerly ranked 4th among all West Genetics third-year students but is now ranked 2nd due to the passing of Chiffon Fairchild and the temporary retirement of Elizabeth Mably.

She is voiced by Yū Asakawa in the Japanese version, and by Jad Saxton in the English version.


Arnett McMillan is a tall teenage girl, with extremely long, flowing, crimson hair, tied in a massive ponytail in the back, and two strands dangling passed each of her shoulders, black eyes, light skin, and large breasts. She's almost always seen wearing the standard uniform of the Pandoras, which is mostly maroon in color, with white trimming along the edges. It's joined by long, white socks, which are so long that they almost entirely cover her legs, stopping just a tiny bit under her skirt, and small brown shoes on her feet.


In her first years, Arnett was quite a rebel and sadist, seen cutting off Attia's fingers after their fight. As a third-year, she is strictly against those who disobey rules, and her violent attitude, though toned down, still lingers. Audrey Duval describes her as looking and acting like a psychopath when in combat or thinking of it; this led to her well-known nickname Mad Dog. Although she has leveled out mostly in terms of personality, she will slip back into a psychotic state when greatly angered.

Arnett also has little to no respect for the wealthy, whom she refers to as 'pampered little rich girls'.  Her disrespect grew immensely after her time during boot camp, where her only friend in camp, Dolly Parnell, sacrificed herself to save Arnett, while her fellow platoon members, all born from wealthy families, abandoned them to their fate. Despite that, she is only willing to stand up for the oppressed to a certain extent; she believes that they must learn how to stand up for themselves, because not standing up for themselves will only prevent them from confronting the issue.  However, the source of this seems to be Arnett's longing for her father, with whom she was very close to.


  • Whereas McMillan has several references towards the real world, such as McMillan Hotels (a hotel group), McMillan LLP (a Canadian law firm) and Clan MacMillan (a Highland Scottish clan). However it's best probable reference is to Macmillan Publishers, an international publishing company which has published novels of major writers including Margaret Mitchell, the author behind the novel of Gone with the Windwhich contains a character named Scarlett O'Hara, which is a reference towards Freezing's Scarlett Ohara.
  • Arnett preferably drinks the worldly renowned: Heineken beer (Heine ken beer).
  • Arnett seems to enjoy video games, as she got a hand-held console for her fourteenth birthday, and is seen playing on a console with Morrison in her dorm room.
  • Arnett possesses the second highest compatibility rate in her class, surpassed only by Elizabeth Mably.
  • Arnett is the first and currently the only Swiss Pandora introduced in the series.
  • When Arnett's hair is down, she could easily be confused for Ganessa or Ingrid, as noted by several readers who noticed that the three are quite similar.
  • In the dimensional world of Elca, Arnett's counterpart is Carol Voltega Miriam.