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Arnice (アーナス) is the protagonist of Nights of Azure. She also appears as a major protagonist of Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon. Before the first game, she was originally a human, a Holy Knight serving Curia, before being transformed into a half-demon and later as a full demon in the second game. She is the protector, friend and love interest of Lilysse. She is also a playable character on Warrios All-Stars, being on Setsuna's side during the game.


Nights of Azure


Nights of Azure 2

Before the events of the game, Arnice faced Malvasia also known as the Moon Queen. The Moon Queen had kidnapped Lylisse and ordered Arnice to surrender in exchange of Lilysses's releases, from which Arnice will accept.

There she will be tortured by Malvasia who will tell her that she already killed Lilysse, which will caused Arnice to fall into despair and become corrupted. It will later be revealed that Lilysse is in fact still alive somewhere.

Arnice is first meet by Aluche in Eurulm. Upon sensing that her blood is in Aluche,she will fights her. After her defeat, it is revealed that she lost her memories and then dissapear.

She is meet again at the Frozen moon palace and a new battle occurs. After Arnice lost again, Aluche shows her Lilysse ring. This will cause Arnice to remember about Lilysse. Her and Aluche will then suck each other's blood. After that they both return to the hotel and Arnice joins Aluche party.

During Arnice's Lily stories. She will alongside Aluche visit all places where Aluche went during her adventures and at the end will find Lilysse's ring who can be equipped by Arnice.

At the end of the game, after Malvasia's defeat, Arnice will leave alongside Christrophorus to search for Lilysse.

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