Arronax is a hero of the 2001 fantasy video game, Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

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Born and raised in the ancient period, The Age Of Legends, by his dad and revered, legendary hero, Nasrudin, who also brought Arronax into the elven council with the exception of the rest of the council complaining about Arronax's young age and inexprience. Then when Kerghan, necromancer and the villain, was chosen to be on the council, Arronax hated him and looked for a chance to ruin his reputation big. He was assigned to investigate Kerghan when Nasrudin and the other council members became suspicious of Kerghan and discovered that Kerghan was practicing and studying dark necromancy.

Arronax screamed banishment as the appropriate punishment for Kerghan to the Void, a world where the elven council banished Arcanum's most evil criminals, and the rest of the council agreed to Arronax's decision. A few years after Kerghan's banishment, Arronax attempted to maintain the balance of magick and was scared of the rise of technology. Vendigroth, the largest tech city and area in all of Arcanum, started building devices and buildings as well, which made Arronax so mad he gave them a warning to stop constructing and when they ignored him and built a device, which has the ability to kill the most powerful sorcerers and sorceresses, he destroyed all of the land and city of Vendigroth. The rest of the council was upset and Arronax wanted them to congratulate him instead but Nasrudin decided that Arronax should be banished to the void.

Furiously Arronax announced war on Nasrudin and the other council members and the following morning their armies fought in the most horrible battle that has ever been in Arcanum. Both Nasrudin and Arronax's armies were destroyed with the exception of a few council members and Nasrudin and Arronax. Nasrudin and the few other council members banished Arronax to the Void. When Arronax was banished to the Void, he found out Kerghan was becoming and tried to stop him by raising a worn army to battle Kerghan but failed and was defeated and imprisoned by Kerghan.

For 2, 000 years, Arronax sat in Kerghan' s binding shell until The Living One and the other heroes or villains come and releases him and either enlist him or destroy him. In the good ending after Kerghan is killed, Arronax and Nasrudin and The Living One go to Caladon and share their adventures with Alexander, the new head of the Panarii, and Nasrudin lives his remaining life with Alexander and then after Nasrudin dies, Arronax buries him on the Isle of Thanatos. Then Arronax travels to the Vendigroth Wastes and there uses his powers to raise and bring back Vendigroth and it's civilization from the ruins and Vendigroth once again has life and becomes a place of awe and wonder.  

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