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Does the sun know its light? You have come here to find arms and armor for your fight. I tell you that the weapon you seek is not here — that must be sought in the world that feeds the world.
~ Artakha to the Toa Nuva.
None of us choose our destiny. And none of us can defy it.
~ Artakha to Tren Krom.

Artakha is the major hero that appeared in the BIONICLE franchise. He is an ancient ruler of the island which was named after him and is also an inventor who created various objects and weapons for anyone who asked. He is also a brother of Karzahni, though they became enemies due to him obtained the Mask of Creation while Karzahni lost the battle against him.

He was voiced by Christopher Gaze, who also voices Turaga Vakama in the animated show.


Artakha is a towering humanoid being which was fitted with the green and black armor and also wore the Mask of Creation. He also wore the black trench coat with green linings which was located onto his waist.


Artakha was created by the Great Spirit alongside his brother Karzahni just before the arrival of Mata Nui and were given their own islands to rule. Artakha chose to name his island after himself.

Soon after the inception, Artakha and Karzahni battled each other for the possession of the Mask of Creation, a fight of which Artakha won. While Karzahni lived in a place where the Matoran were sent to repair, Artakha