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Artemis is an antagonist turned heroine in the Mythos Arc of Cyborg 009. She is one of the Mythos Cyborgs and the older sister of Apollo. Like her brother, Artemis believes that she is a god and that humanity must be exterminated due to it's tendency to cause violence. Over the course of the arc she befriends Cyborg 009 and eventually has a change of heart.


Artemis first appeared to stop the battle between the Mythos Cyborgs and the 00 Cyborgs, telling Apollo that he had already one and convincing him to return back to Magma Island.

Artemis watched amusingly as Atlas and Pan attempted to compete for her affections. She later intervened in Apollo and Dr. Gaia's conversation about the 00 Cyborgs and convinces her brother not to kill the 00 Cyborgs, stating that unnecessary violence would make them no better than the humans.

After Apollo severely injured 009, Artemis found his body and helped him recover. Artemis debated with 009 about whether or not human beings are flawed. 009 eventually suggests that Artemis and the other Greek Gods may be just really powerful cyborgs. Shaken, Artemis firmly states to 009 that she is a god, but also states she has no recollection of her childhood. She then warns 009 to leave the island before going to attend Achilles' memorial service.

There, Artemis announces to the other cyborgs that she is leaving and that Atlas and Pan should serve Apollo from now on. However, as she walks over to a cliff, Gaia appears and shoots her.

Pan later found Artemis floating in water and brought her ashore. Artemis soon woke up and made her way towards where the 00 Cyborgs and Mythos Cyborgs were fighting. Artemis intervened in 009's and Apollo's battle, absorbing a fireball meant to hit 009. Artemis told Apollo the truth of how they and the other Greek Gods were actually cyborgs and informed him of Gaia's treachery, before dying from her wounds. However, Atlas and Pan stayed by her body's side, even as Magma Island began to collapse.


  • She is exclusive to the 2001 anime, as the original manga featured a character called "Helena" instead of her.