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I've never seen Heaven, but this world is held together by the pure and the profane alike.
~ Artemis to Ezekiel

Artemis is one of the main protagonists of the anime/manga series Maria the Virgin Witch. She is a succubus and a familiar of Maria, who created her from an owl. Maria gives her night duties, such as having sex to gather information about the ongoing war between England and France.

She is voiced by Yōko Hikasa in the Japanese version of the anime and Whitney Rodgers in the English version, both of whom also voice Shutaura Sequenzia.


In her human form, Artemis has long straight lemon-white hair and maple eyes, she wears a pinkish fur coat and a light purple choker around her neck, a leather belt to cover her private parts and light purple stockings covered with feathers with light purple high heels.

Her owl form has soft pinkish feathers and red maple eyes.


As a succubus, Artemis is a highly seductive being, often using her charms to manipulate others. She seems to enjoy her work and likes to take her time, telling Maria that her duties aren't ones that can be completed with haste. She enjoys teasing Maria, particularly for being a virgin, which annoys Maria to no end since being a succubus is Artemis' job. Before her virginity became tied to her magic, Artemis would often attempt to get Maria to lose her virginity, particularly after she left Priapos incomplete.

Although she frequently teases Maria, Artemis is a very loyal person who cares a great deal for her mistress, going to great lengths to protect her from harm, whether it be from humans or angels. She is a fierce fighter and even brave enough to face Archangel Michael in front lines to save Maria, much like Joseph. All in all, Artemis doesn't treat Maria as her master, but as her best friend.

Despite her transformation, Artemis still displays some traits of an owl; she and Priapos frequently pick on Ezekiel, who often takes on the form of a dove, and even justifies their behaviour by stating that they're "birds of prey", despite Maria's best efforts to get them to get along. Like Maria, Artemis is often annoyed by Ezekiel's narrow-mindedness, stating that the world is held together by both the pure and the profane.