Because they're the "Knights of Round" I've chosen.


To bring new order into the three worlds- the Sky World, the Common Worldand the Demon World had fell into chaos because the opening of the "Divine Gate", within the "World Council", the "Knights of Round" was formed.

Although he was in the Common World, in the past he was thrown away to the Sky World when he was still a child.

Keeping a certain thought about the Divine Gate secret, he is gathering Adapters such as Akane and the rest.




"Tell me when you want to be exposed to the truth. I'll be waiting for you forever."


  • He is about thirty years old.
  • He is childhood friends with Saint Rebel Santa Claus and Elizabeth, the None Beauty.
  • Dark Psychic, Tengen has confirmed that he does not have a past life.
  • Oz, the Clown Dragon dislikes him.
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