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Arthur is the smart sidekick, roommate, and best friend of the parody superhero, Tick. He is dressed up to be a moth causing himself to have the ability to fly when needed.


Trained as an accountant, Arthur purchases his moth suit at an auction and decides to pursue the life of a superhero. After saving a powerful ninja artifact called the Thorn of Oblivion and helping the Tick and Oedipus defeat the ninjas, Arthur decides to become the Tick's sidekick. Arthur is often mistaken for a bunny because of the shape and size of his costume's antennae, and the fact that his wings are usually folded up.


Arthur is an extremely benevolent, sensible and intelligent person, but his social skills are somewhat lacking as he is shy and has little self-confidence. Arthur often shows mild discomfort or annoyance with the dangers and frustrations of being a superhero's sidekick.

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