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Arthur is a large LMS tank engine who works on the fishing route in Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.


When he arrived on Sodor, Arthur took great pride in his spotless record, which he soon lost after colliding with Duck's trucks in an incident largely provoked by a cheeky Thomas. However, this spotless record was soon amended, after Thomas apologized to him for causing the accident.

He was originally bought to shunt and pull goods, but then was transferred to the coastal run, on which he enjoys working. He is responsible for this line, which is famous for it's fish. Arthur is the only known engine (with the exception of Salty) to enjoy the smell of fish.


Arthur is a smart, polite, sensible, reliable, kind and helpful engine who is often careful to get his jobs done without fuss or mess. When he first arrived, he proved to be somewhat gullible—something which Thomas used to his advantage.