Arthur Puppington is Orel's grandfather.

Orel loves his grandfather; however, Clay hates Arthur.

Clay tries to get Orel to hate him; however, Orel doesn't hate his grandfather.


Arthur is a mature, responsible, kind, caring person and he's shown to be romantic towards his wife. Arthur is also shown to be an Atheist and not letting Moralton's religious rules bother him with his way of life. He is also shown to be upset of how people treats his grandson and wants Orel to be safe and have a good future.


  • If the show did not get cancelled, Arthur would appeared in season 4; living with Clay and his family due to being ill and staying in Orel's room. Arthur would have continued his fatherhood with Orel. Later on Arthur would have passed on and leaving his money and the deed of the house and farm to Orel; where he would have raised his family with his childhood sweetheart Christina.
  • Arthur, along with Karl, are the only two people in Moralton to never have cheated on their spouse.
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