Arthur P. "Spud" Spudinski is one of main characters of American Dragon: Jake Long. He is best friend of Jake Long.

He is voiced by Charlie Finn.


In season one, he wear a blue t-shirt with yellow spit and orange long seelved, green/dark green cap and brown pants.

In season two, his clothes is almost same from season one but he have alien face on his t-shirt.


He is a loyal, laid-back, goofy, weird and appears to be slow-witted but is actually a genius.


  • Spud mentioned that his great-grandfather used to be a magician, albeit apparently not a very good one.
  • In The Talented Mr. Long, Spud's magician name is "Spud the Spudnificient".


  • "Dude… I could have sworn I was a dude!"
  • "Excuse me! I move we skip the cool villain banter and get right to the Kung-Fu!"
  • "You might be winning, but that evil laugh is still a cliche!"



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