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Artur Braus is a minor but very impactful supporting character in the 2009 Japanese dark fantasy manga Attack on Titan and the final season of the 2013 anime series of the same name. He is an Eldian who lives on Paradis Island and is the father of Sasha Braus, and it was his words that motivated his daughter to leave their home and join the military.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Naka in season 2. Later Hiroshi was replaced by Otoya Kawano in the final season in the Japanese version. Jeremy Schwartz voices Artur in the English version.


Artur is a man with a large and imposing, but not overweight, figure. He has shaggy brown hair, a thin goatee, and brown eyes. He often wears a stripped hat, a white t-shirt with a fur vest, and a loose tie. After the time-skip, Artur becomes much thinner, with a lighter goatee and mustache.


Artur is a man of rules, devoted to protecting his clan and maintaining their way of life. He is a mature father figure, attempting to store food for the winter to preserve it and stopping his daughter from eating it. He also does his best to impart wisdom upon his daughter and make her understand the necessity of change. Furthermore, while he does value his clan and their way of life, he is open-minded enough to open the clan's land to people whose homes were ravaged by titans. Artur displays great wisdom and selflessness, as he was ready to accept the government's offer to become farmers, willing to move on from the clan's traditions in order to become part of the world and help other people who needed it.

As a staunch believer of mutualism, Artur is a very compassionate individual who is not only shown by his willingness to help the people who were forced out by titans, but by also adopting the children of families who were killed by titans as well, referring to them as his "family". He openly accepted Falco and Gabi into his home when he heard they ran away, and also befriended Niccolo, a Marleyan chef and prisoner of war, when the two of them met at Sasha's grave. His greatest display of compassion and mercy, however, was shown when learning Gabi had murdered his daughter. Instead of choosing to take revenge, Artur spares Gabi, believing that it was his responsibility for letting Sasha leave her village to enter a world where people killed one another for survival. He forgives Gabi and convinces Niccolo to let go of Falco in an attempt to break the cycle of killing and hatred.


Artur Braus was born in the village of Dauper, where he learned his clan's traditions and became a hunter. He met and married Lisa Braus, and the two would have a daughter, Sasha Braus. Artur would then teach his daughter to follow the clan's traditions and make her into an expert hunter.

After the fall of Wall Maria, many of the refugees began to flood into Wall Rose, which resulted in a significant drop in game as well as a food shortage due to the extra mouthes that needed to be fed and the animals that needed to be hunted to feed them. Artur is seen attempting to stop Sasha from eating the meat stored for the winter. After reluctantly allowing her to eat it, he explains to his then-isolative daughter the reason for preserving food and the influx of people coming in after Wall Maria was infiltrated, resulting in less game to hunt and more land being used to farm.

Artur openly considers allowing the government to clear the forest for more farmland, while hunters learn to manage horses. Sasha vehemently objects, asking why they should turn their backs on their clan's traditions and help the people who always looked down on them as savages. Artur, in spite that he cherished his way of life and tradition as much as Sasha had, replies that they're all humans and they're all part of the world, and while it's fine to act and live your own way, there are times to think about the greater good. When Sasha refuses to change from the clan's traditions, Artur accepts her decision, but warns her she must be willing to die by the clan's traditions as well, since she would receive no help and should expect no help from the people she turned her back on. He continues by saying that he'd rather abandon tradition than living on his own, insisting that it's time for the clan to move on. However, Sasha is still angered by her father and enlists in the military to retaliate.

Over the next three years, he assists in the gradual changes made in Dauper and helps make it modern. When titans attack the village, Artur and many of the other hunters assist in helping villagers by giving them horses to flee on. He encounters his daughter, and is surprised to see that Sasha returned to the village and had just saved a child. After giving her a horse, he calls her a splendid person, expressing great pride in the ways she changed.

During the time-skip, Artur and his wife decide to open their home to orphans whose parents had been killed by titans, accepting them as their family. Four years later, Sasha loses her life in a war against Marley, an imperialistic nation that is responsible for unleashing Titans upon Paradis, causing untold tragedies and miseries upon the island's inhabitants. When events in the story became clear that the war against Marley is inevitable, Sasha was among those went to fight Marley to defend her home and family - and ended up 'offering her heart' to her people and country. Artur goes with his family to visit Sasha's grave. While there, he encounters a Marleyan prisoner of war, Niccolo. He tells Artur that Sasha ate his meals the most, and after the two get acquainted with one another, Niccolo offers to make them dinner sometime.

Artur is later seen having dinner with his family when he notices Kaya arriving with two other children named Mia and Ben who were actually Gabi Braun and Falco Grice in disguise. Falco lies by saying they ran away from home, and after hearing their troubles, Artur welcomes them into their home and insists they stay however long they need to. When Lisa attempts to pat Gabi on the head, she swats the hand away (much to Falco's chagrin), though Artur is not upset, understanding the difficulty they must've endured (in real life Gabi's reaction is seen as typical with majority of victims who suffered abuses).

Artur goes with his family to eat at the restaurant where Niccolo is running. Artur and Lisa are moved to tears by the Niccolo's delicious food; later, Falco and Gabi leave, claiming they have a stomach ache (in truth they went to fellow Marleyan Niccolo for help and inform him of imminent Marleyan counterattack on Paradis). Artur and his family continue eating, but are interrupted when an enraged Niccolo suddenly emerges from the wine cellar, holding an unconscious Falco (knocked out cold after being bashed in the head with wine bottle by Niccolo) while kicking Gabi to the floor. Bewildered by this turn of event, Artur demands Niccolo an explanation, and Niccolo reveals to Artur and Lisa that Gabi is the one who claimed Sasha's life, and that she and Gabi are actually well-trained child soldiers of Marley. Artur listens as Gabi and Niccolo exchange tirades about the deaths of the people they loved while Niccolo holds a knife to Falco's neck. Niccolo offers the knife to Artur to kill Gabi, saying to Artur that it is not common to come upon a chance to avenge the death of a daughter. Niccolo then declares that he'll do it himself if Artur doesn't, and Artur surely wouldn't mind - or would he? At that moment, soldiers of Survey Corps led by Hange burst into scene, in an attempt to stop from things going out of control but instead resulting a tense standoff.

Just as the cycle of hatred between the two sides shows no sign of abating, Artur takes the knife from Niccolo. But instead of killing Gabi with it, Artur begins explaining how he was responsible for sending Sasha away from the village and the life of a hunter in a forest into another larger forest (namely, Marley) where people continued to kill one another. Artur then concluded that because she wandered in the forest for too long, Sasha lost her life. Concluding that in the end the world people live in turned out to be overall one large forest, Artur chooses to spare and forgive Gabi to allow the children to escape 'the forest', and putting the pain and hatred behind is their responsibility as adults.

After putting the knife down, Artur tends to Falco's injuries, then approaches Gabi to ask if she's alright. Shocked and confused by his words, Gabi asks if he really doesn't hate her. Suddenly, Kaya takes the knife and prepares to kill Gabi, though is narrowly stopped by Mikasa. Artur and Lisa both help restrain the grieving Kaya who furiously curses at Gabi for killing Sasha, and the two also deeply lamented as they hold wailing Kaya in their arms in the face of the cruel truth. After Niccolo was subdued by Survey soldiers and with her life ironically saved by those she considered to be devil incarnates, Gabi starts to rethink her prejudice towards Paradis-Eldians.

Artur is present when Niccolo reveals the wine is laced with Zeke's spinal fluid. Niccolo somberly looks at Artur, admitting that he's incapable of being a noble forgiver like him yet but still hoping he could try and atone, ashamed by his actions. Artur expresses concern for Falco, since he likely ingested the wine. Suddenly, Artur and everyone else in the room are surrounded and taken prisoner by the Yeagerists who took control of Paradis government in the form of armed uprising.

The Brauses are imprisoned in the Shiganshina Military Headquarters, and Artur makes tea to pass the time. Unbeknownst to Artur and to his group, Marley partially recovered from its devastation by the Raid of Liberio in which Sasha participated and was killed in action, and launched a retaliatory strike upon Paradis sooner than Paradis had anticipated. When Eren engages with the Jaw Titan as the Marleyans attack Shiganshina, Artur and the other prisoners are curious about the sounds aboveground.

During the chaos of the battle Artur is released along with the other prisoners by Onyankopon who is a member of anti-Marley volunteer force, and Jean orders Niccolo to go with the Braus family to keep them safe. They all follow Niccolo throughout the city in the midst of fierce battle to a safer area, and as they're walking, Lisa expresses worry over Gabi and Falco. Artur eases her mind, remarking that they're both strong. However, Kaya, still profoundly bitter over her savior's demise at Gabi's hands, openly expresses her disgust towards Falco and especially Gabi much to Artur's sadness. Unbeknownst to both him and Kaya, Gabi and Falco overhear this, and Gabi is moved to tears by his words and by Kaya's resentful remarks. At this point, Gabi came to the realization that the Eldians in Paradis are people just like her.

As the battle between Paradis and Marleyan forces raged on, Artur and his family finds an empty house to take refuge. But events of the battle ended up producing numerous mindless Titans that proceeded to wreak havoc, indiscriminately attacking both Marleyan and Paradis people. Suddenly, Artur's group are attacked by a titan who was once known as Nile Dok. Kaya trips and Artur attempts to rush her to save her life, but is narrowly saved by Niccolo. But the family was not out of the peril yet. Artur watches in horror as the titan rushes toward Kaya, but she is saved by the timely arrival of Gabi. Artur runs toward Gabi and asks if she is ok, and she explains that she came to rescue Falco, who was taken by Connie Springer after deducing that (his deduction would later prove correct) by ingesting Titan spinal fluid Falco must now be Titan - so Connie took Falco to where Mrs. Springer is, who has become a mindless Titan under restraint, in his bid to restore his mother to humanity by sacrificing Falco to her. A group of soldiers encounter Artur and the others and escort them to the military headquarters, though as they're walking, she encourages Gabi to go rescue Falco the first chance she gets.

After they arrive at the military headquarters, Artur meets up with Mikasa and Armin and brings them to Gabi so that they can assist her in finding Falco. He is there when Gabi prepares to leave with Armin to go after Connie and Falco. Artur insists that Connie would be hesitant in sacrificing a child (Artur's assumption of Connie would later prove correct), even if it was to save his mother, and is confident Gabi would make it in time. He then bids Gabi farewell as she goes to save Falco. Before Gabi departs, she tells Kaya her real name and made peace with each other much to Artur's relief.

Artur and his group were seen again at the final chapter of AoT, three years after the Rumbling stopped with the death of Eren Yeager and much of the world being devastated. He and his family hastily passed by amidst fervent crowd who are giving their militaristic support for strong Paradis and for the eradication of both real and perceived threats to the island state - with Paradis going the exact opposite direction of Artur's belief.


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