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Dr. Arturo Santiago is a major recurring character from The Casagrandes. He is the father of Bobby and Ronnie Anne Santiago and the ex-husband; of Maria Santiago.

He works as an animal doctor in Peru. For the first season of the show, he was in Peru and only communicated with his family via facetime calls. However, starting with the episode "Operation Dad", Arturo took a job at the veterinary clinic in Great Lakes City, Michigan, so he could be closer to his family and stay permanently with them.

He is voiced by Eugenio Debrez.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Friended!", it was first brought up that Arturo took care of animals.
  • In "Lucha Fever", Arturo face timed Ronnie Anne Santiago to check on her, while she was faking sick.
  • In "Snack Pact", Arturo took care of sick bats.
  • In "Operation Dad", Arturo spent lots of time with Ronnie Anne and Bobby Santiago, during his furlough in Great Lakes City, making for lots of quality time with the family. When Artruo sensed there was something wrong going on with Ronnie Anne, he did lots of work to try and help her, doing things like keeping her grades up and keeping her out of trouble. He was very upset with her rude attitude and scolded her for it. A bunch of letters written to him by children revealed that he was a really great guy for saving the lives of so many animals. He decided to take up animal doctoring in Great Lakes City so he could see his family more often, stay with them and still take care of animals.
  • In "Away Game", Arturo spent lots of time with Ronnie Anne and Bobby, doing fun things with them such as making pizza, playing VR, and skateboarding. He got himself painfully hurt, skateboarding but it was all worth it to put a smile on Ronnie Anne's face.
  • In "What's Love Gato Do With It?", Arturo took care of Bobby, while he thought he was a cat. He worked along with Maria to help their son and get along well since the events of "Operation Dad".
  • In "Dial M for Mustard", Arturo judged the hot dog contest.


  • In the The Loud House episode, Lori mentioned "Bobby's dad" in dialogue, making a reference to Arturo years before he made his first actual appearance in the Los Casagrandes episode, "Roll Model".
    • In this episode, it was mentioned that Arturo went to the doctor to get a hernia-operation.
  • He's probably Albert's Casagrande counterpart.

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