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Don't lose, Aru!
Shine, Aru!
Aru-Aru on top of an aluminum can!
Reliable Aru!
Perfect Aru!
~ Aru's "character song."
Don't call me unfortunate and use my name!
~ Aru's famous quote.

Aru Honshou is one of the main protagonists of Hitoribocchi No OO Seikatsu.

She was voiced by Akari Kitou.


Aru is a flashy and giddy 12 year old girl who often puts on a show to her fellow classmates in order to hide that she is actually pretty forgetful clumsy, and otherwise has much misfortune. However, this does lead to one of the reasons as to why Bocchi befriends her.


Aru is a person who, like her name suggests, has a hidden side to her in this case being her bad luck. Ever since she was a young girl, Aru had several misfortunes. Eventually, this would lead towards her trying to make a name for herself by attempting to become the class president. Instead, she ends up becoming the vice class president. Despite that setback, Aru attempts to be seen as "perfect."

In the second episode, she notices that Bocchi was depressed and offers her handkerchief to her. Upon learning that her friend Nako was upset with her after learning about her promise to her childhood friend, she assists Bocchi with making amends with her. Afterwards, Bocchi decides to return the favor and wished to befriend her. When meeting again with Honshou the next day, her ruse is discovered and she breaks down and runs off. Finding her sitting on a horizontal monkey bar, Bocchi tells her that she liked her because of her imperfection and that even if it wasn't for the promise, she would've still wanted her as a friend. Aru accepts her offer, and she befriends her and Nako. When Bocchi passed out because of being overly happy, Aru headbutts Nako after she had called her "unfortunate" one too many times. The two from that point onward became bickering enemies, but they were both willing to set aside their differences when taking Bocchi and her feelings into account.

Nako would start out by giving her a sucker, and she would eventually admit that as much as she made fun of her for being unfortunate, she liked her for iot and convinces her to be herself. However at that point, a majority of the classroom had come to realize that Aru was unlucky showing that it wasn't much an issue to begin with.


  • Her name can be translated as "has a hidden nature" hinting to how she tries to put on a façade of perfection to keep others from realizing her true self.