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Asami Igarashi

Asami Igarashi is a character in Mezzo and Mezzo Forte


6th grade isolated and flirts. Learning is good, motor is zero Gustaw call. Crazy drags down the class in the school, the antipathy. Passive in the incident, left the class, little friends.

Daily feelings of inferiority and resignation had encountered Mikura Suzuki and Harada's work site one day, and, fascinated by Mikura's every move. -Reinventing themselves to wake up, the master called the Mikura since it came to Office. -Want to be strong. Everyone wants back! In the possessing idea. And before long, a glimpse of fragility and weakness of the Mikura gradually, but very disappointed....

Also in and out of Office, Harada love entertaining like that. Mikura is sensitively perceived Harada totally unaware, but hey yakimochi (Kurokawa boost funny). --Asami also Mikura Harada passion not guessed, to Mikura pretty yakimochi.

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