Yo! I'm Asashimo, 16th Destroyer of the Yuugumo Class. Please remember. Don't forget about me... ok?

Asashimo (朝霜?, "Morning Frost") was a Yūgumo]-class destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. She was sunk with all hands during Operation Ten-Go, as were other escort destroyers, the Yamato and the Yahagi, by attacking US aircraft.


She wears the standard Yuugumo-class uniform which consists of a purple vest over a white dress shirt, a purple pleated skirt, a teal-blue bowtie and grey opaque pantyhose. She wears her rigging on her back as a backpack, it has a single black strap. Quadruple torpedo launchers are strapped to her thighs and she wields a standard 12.7cm gun with her right hand.

On remodel, she gains a white headband, AA guns and a single thighhigh on her left leg that is overlaid on her pantyhose (emulating Yamato as an Operation Ten-Go participant).

She has long, multicolored hair that is grey on the outside and purple on the inside. The inside becomes a purple to blue gradiant after remodel. Her hairstyle consists of a ponytail, hair covering her right eye, strands converging to her ponytail and a ahoge. At the very least, her left eye is grey.


She has a boisterous personality. Resembles Kiyoshimo a great deal.


  • Sunk in action in Operation Ten-Go, due to engine trouble.
  • Rare drop from E2,E3,E4 and E5 boss node winter event 2015.
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