I'm Asashio, a destroyer. I'm always ready for a battle.

Asashio (朝潮 "Morning Tide") was the lead ship of the ten Asashio-class destroyers built for the Imperial Japanese Navy in the mid-1930s under the Circle Two Program (Maru Ni Keikaku).

Asashio served as the flagship of Destroyer Division 8 (Desdiv 8), and a member of Destroyer Squadron 2 (Desron 2).



  • Asashio has long black hair and blue eyes.
  • She wears a short-sleeved white shirt, arm warmers, skirt with suspenders and black thigh highs. She wields a quad torpedo launcher and a twin-gun turret and carries a randoseru-shaped structure.
    • In her Kai Ni form, she wears a belted, short pleated black dress over a buttoned, full-sleeved white shirt with a red ribbon on her collar. She also wears rudder heeled shoes.
      • Her Kai Ni D form her shirt has an additional full-sleeved, short top that parts at her chest and is secured by a red collar string, over a white buttoned shirt underneath her dress.


Asashio is a dutiful girl who is serious about everything. She is so serious that she even gets mocked about it.

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