The Ascendants are S.P.E.A.R.'s team of superheroes in the Marvel universe.


The Ascendants are a team of superheroes chosen and led by the Weather Witch. They were formed by the intelligence / security organization (S.P.E.A.R.) after the alien invasion by the intergalactic conqueror Thanos and his army (the Black Order). The first time that The Avengers became aware of the team, was when the would-be conqueror [ Gorgon] led the ninja death cult (The Hand) in an attempt to take over China by using a dragon that was 100s of miles long which used to be sleeping under the island of Madripoor. Working together with the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D., the Ascendants and S.P.E.A.R. were able to defeat Gorgon, the dragon, and repel the Hand.


  • Weather Witch: She has the ability to fly, manipulate the weather, generate electricity, and project bolts of lightning.
  • Devastator: Shapeshifting alien (Skrull) who uses a suit of power armor, which only he can pilot.
  • Vector: She is able to manipulate the Darkforce energy and has used it to teleport.
  • Monkey King: Empowered by the spirit of the Monkey King, uses a mystical staff and has his abilities to some extent.
  • Saber: Outfitted with body armor and uses two energy swords.
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