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Aseefa is a major character of Planet Sheen. She replaces Libby Folfax as Sheen Estevez's love interest. She has a giant monster named Chock-Chock for a pet.


Aseefa is a Glimmorian princess. She is a tomboy, very quirky, a beast-master, a great warrior and the object of Sheen's affection. She is also very trustworthy of Sheen and doesn't like it when he lies to her, because she wants to know she is able to trust him. Aseefa loves listening to Sheen's information (or at least what he claims to be information) about his home planet and would someday like to visit Earth herself.


Aseefa has blue skin and pink eyes, and has a blue ponytail braid that works as a third arm. She wears a yellow blouse and a brown skirt, a brown and gold headband, and brown sandals.


  • Aseefa seems to take Libby's role in the series as Sheen's significant other, but acts more like Betty and April.
  • She resembles Neytiri from James Cameron's Avatar.