You're here now. You have a home, a wife who loves you. You have everything."
~ Asenath to Joseph

Asenath (pronounced "oh-sen-awth") is the deuterogonist of the DreamWorks animated film Joseph King of Dreams.

She is voiced by Jodi Benson, who is famous for voicing Ariel.


Asenath is a kind young Egyptian woman, neice of Potiphar and Zuleika, and Joseph's love interest and later, wife and the daughter-in law of Jacob and Rachel. She is sweet-hearted and is always there for Joseph as she cares for him.

Film Role

Asenath is first introduced in the movie when her and her sisters are chasing their cat, where which Joseph impresses her in calming the cat with a bowl of milk. The two share eye contact before Asenath is called away by her aunt.

Asenath is later scene as bringing food to Joseph while he was in prison. After he is released, Asenath and Joseph wed, and we see through the song "More Than You Take" we see the two evolve and eventually have two children.

Asenath is kind and loving, and tries to help Joseph through his personal struggle in the later parts of the film, such as when he has discovered that his brothers have arrived in Egypt. She tries to convince him that they've changed, and is later introduced to them after all has been reconciled.

The movie ends with her walking besides Joseph and their two children, as well as Joseph's family as they all move into Egypt with them.





  • In the bible, Asenath is the daughter of Potiphar, but in the movie, she's his niece.
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