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Ashle "Ash" is a heroine featured in the 2016 animated comedy film, Sing.

Official Bio

Ash is a prickly teenage porcupine with a punk rock attitude. She auditions for the competition with her egotistical, unsupportive jerk of a boyfriend (which eventually cheats on her), unable to see just how much he is holding her back. In rehearsals, her rebellious nature continually puts her at odds with Buster, who envisions her as a pop star princess whereas Ash wants to write her own authentic rock songs that reflect her unique style.


Ashle "Ash" is a beautiful crested porcupine who leads a rock band with her arrogant boyfriend, but things get out of hand when she makes it to Buster Moon's singing contest and he does not. But along the way, she discovers confidence to be comfortable with herself.

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