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Ashima is a large pink tank engine from India and the deuteragonist of Thomas & Friends: The Great Race.


Ashima is usually found working on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway in Southern India, where the steep incline makes the track very dangerous and difficult to climb. Beautifully crafted with hand painted decals, Ashima is a fun, feisty, likeable tomboy who is more than happy to help out wherever and whenever needed. She is good friends with Thomas and views him like a little brother.


Ashima is based on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class. She is based off of the oil-burning version of the engine.


Ashima is painted hot pink with white lining, has her wheels and bufferbeam painted a dark blue, and has several bright green, white and orange patterns on her.


Television series

  • Season 22 - Trusty Trunky, Thomas Goes to Bollywood and Tiger Trouble
  • Season 23 - Crowning Around, Thomas Makes a Mistake and Grudge Match (stock footage cameo)
  • Season 24 - Shankar's Makeover


  • 2016 - Thomas & Friends: The Great Race


  • She was built in 1914, making her one year older than her little friend, Thomas.


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