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Ashley playfully lifting Bulletproof's hat

How about I buy you a drink, Mr. Bulletproof?
~ Ashley

Ashley is the heroine from the 2013 Zeno Mountain Farm film Bulletproof.


Ashley, a strong-willed head prostitute, becomes Bulletproof Jackson's love interest when she was awed by the way he took out the wicked Reaper Gang.

Strong-willed and endearing, she welcomes him to the renovated saloon and stood up against Grimm Jim when he challenges Bulletproof to a card game to bet for the saloon. Ashley supports her new friend every step of the way but, unfortunately, is kidnapped by Grimm Jim and his henchman Everett when Bulletproof wins the game.

Grimm holds her prisoner when he and Bulletproof face each other. Bulletproof finally defeats Grimm in the showdown. Afterwards, Ashley punches Everett in the nose and rushes to Bulletproof, praising him for his heroism.


  • Ashley is played by Katie White.
  • Her present day alter-ego does the same thing with Benny Jackson and saves Bulletproof's family saloon from the greedy gambling mogul Gar Vunderson.
  • Ashley's qualities are similar to Soula in Zarafa because although she becomes a prisoner of the villain, she is willing to do whatever it takes to help her friend.