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Chris, we made her look so stupid, in front of all her friends and the guy she liked. I can't imagine doing anything worse to somebody.
~ Ashley to Chris on the prank, showing remorse (determinant).

Wait! Stop! You can't do it, Chris. It should be me! You chose to save me before, let me choose this time... Let me choose to save you. If I do one last thing in my life, let me do this.
~ Ashley to Chris.

Ashley "Ash" Brown is one of the eight main protagonists of Supermassive Games' Until Dawn, an interactive horror drama video game.

She is Sam, Mike, Josh, Matt, Emily, Jessica, Hannah, and Beth's best friend and Chris' love interest.

Ashley is voiced and motion-captured by Galadriel Stineman, who also portrays Gwen Tennyson in Ben 10: Alien Swarm and Cassidy Finch and Lucy Howard in The Middle.



  • According to Dr. Hill, she has a fear of the dark.
  • Ashley is affected by seven butterfly effect segments alongside Matt, making them the second most affected protagonists.