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Hero Overview

Ashley Mizuki Robbins ("Robbins" spelled "Robins" in PAL regions), known as Ash to her friends, is the protagonist of the Another Code video games, Another Code: Two Memories (released in North America as "Trace Memory") and Another Code: R - A Journey Into Lost Memories, which was not released in North America.

Ashley is a honest, inquisitive, and smart half-Japanese-American who is Japanese on her mother's side. On the night of her third birthday, while she was home alone with her mother, someone broke into their home and murdered her mother. Having grown up thinking she was an orphan, Ashley was shocked to discover that her father was alive, and that her aunt had kept it a secret from her.

Two Memories

Two Memories/Trace Memory takes place the day before her 14th birthday. Her father, out of the blue, sent her an invitation to meet him on "Blood Edward Island"; the island is named because the family who once owned the island and lived there, the "Edwards", were all rumored to have met a bloody end. After arriving on the island, Ashley's attempts to reunite with her father lead her into journey to uncover the truth behind her family and her mother's murder, while also uncovering the truth behind a mysterious project code-named "Another". In the process, Ashley meets and befriends a ghost with amnesia who cannot remember his life or how he died, and only recalls the single letter "D". Ashley and "D" agree to help each other uncover their own answers on Blood Edward Island.

Another Code: R

In Another Code: R, Ashley is in her latter teenage years and has become an inspiring musician. Despite reuniting with her father in the prior game, the two have drifted apart again and their relationship has become estranged. After not seeing her father for nearly six months, Ashley suddenly receives an invitation from him to go on camping trip at a resort called "Lake Juliet". Ashley reluctantly goes on the trip, only to be thrown into a day full of more investigations when she starts experiencing strange sporadic "flashbacks" when she arrives. She soon get wrapped up in Along the way she encounters and forms a strong unlikely friendship with a young boy, Matthew Crusoe (who she calls "Matt"), who is trying to locate his missing father while runaway from his abusive uncle. Ashley attempts to uncover the truth behind both her mysteries and the mysteries surrounding Matt, while keeping Matt out of the hands of the local authority, who will drag Matt back to his uncle's if caught.