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This scum Ashley Riot
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So sayeth the great god of Earthrealm Raiden:
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Reinforcements? I am the reinforcements.
~ Ashley Riot

Ashley Riot is the protagonist and player character in the game Vagrant Story. He is one of the most powerful Riskbreakers of the Valendia Knights of the Peace (VKP). As a member of the Dangerous Criminal Task Force, Ashley is conditioned to be a man of mere strength, following the orders of the VKP unquestioning. His curiosity was piqued when Sydney mentions Leá Monde, and even without further orders from the VKP, continues his hunt for the cult leader, slowly learning the events that transpired there.


Ashley is a man in his late twenties with long brown hair tied in a knot, leaving some of it to flail in the open with two locks appearing like antennae on his head. He wears a shirt and shorts, reinforced sandals, and gauntlets on his hands and forearms.


Ashley is a tranquil and morally just soldier. A loyal agent with a strong sense of honor, he is a top agent among the VKP. As he dislikes working with others, he initially comes off as reserved and unfriendly. He is later revealed to be quite good-hearted, showing concern for fellow soldiers and empathy for some of his enemies. He also has an emotionally fragile demeanor, shown by his reactions when he is either betrayed or manipulated.


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